Eze Chukwuemeka Eze Mobilizes Against Journalists

Source: Mr. Chinenye Nwulu
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One Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze who once held a portfolio in the Rivers State Action Congress (RSAC), as its Publicity Secretary, has vowed to mobilize against journalists in Rivers State. His decision followed after his suspension was made available to the press, and without restraints, the men of the press carried his suspension in the media, owing to its intensity, in a resolution made by the enlarged exco of the party in the state on the 20th Nov. 2009.

Eze's angst, we learnt, was that the journalists he felt he had 'pocketed' in the state, according to a source close to him, with the monthly “brown envelop”, could publish a story that would not always be in his favour.

“I am highly disappointed in the journalists in Rivers State,” the source quoted Eze. “So, they could publish a story that will not be in favour of me? The journalists I pay heavily every month? I am indeed disappointed in them and would make sure they reap where they sowed.”

While that babbling goes on, we learnt that he was working in collaboration with a staff of the respected Niger Delta Standard newspapers whose first name started with “W” and ends with “D”, and his middle name is “C”, to achieve this selfish aim. (Can he fight journalists?). The general public should beware! The said journalist the Niger Delta Standard is fair in complexion.

In another vein, we have also learnt that he is scheming very hard in making sure that our State chairman of the RSAC paid what was described in Eze's word as “Through the coin.” And that he (Eze) was the one that gave our chairman the Ticket for the chairmanship and would make sure he is removed.

While this sounded to us as puerile, what we wouldn't take as puerile is the assassination attempt on the life of our chairman on the 23rd Nov. 2009, on his way back from Lagos, in Port Harcourt. And this may not be unconnected with the likes of those vowing that they would remove our chairman by magic or design.

But we are not afraid of this Eze, what we are afraid of is what he has planned to cause in Rivers State before he would go back to his home state, Ebonyi State.

All Rivers people should beware!


Mr. Chinenye Nwulu, Acting Publicity Secretary RSAC. Email: [email protected]

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