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October 9, 2014
Jonathan must identify and sack moles at Defence and Security Agencies

Once again, we are constrained to call on President Goodluck Jonathan to act fast and identify and fire the moles inside the Defence and Security Agencies whose actions and inactions have continued to constitute damaging embarrassment to our dear country and efforts of government to prosecute the war against insurgency in the land.

Over the weekend, the media was awash with the deliberate falsehood over the alleged seizure by the government of South Africa of “another $5.7million” sent to that country for the purchase of arms by an Abuja-based company. We identify with government's determination to settle the insurgency issue once and for all by equipping our military with needed modern-day arms; and we believe that should be the case with every well-meaning Nigerian.

However, we have identified the deliberate falsification of the issues underlining the transaction just to hurt government and stall the anti-insurgency war.

In line with known global best practices and conventions, the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA has the sole and statutory responsibility to sign the End-User Certificates for all purchases that have to do with explosives including those for construction companies, fertilizers, body armoury, vests, armoured vehicles, bullion vans, etc.

The above explains why current Minister of Defence, Aliyu Mohammed Gusau as coordinator of National Security during the IBB era, signed all End-User Certificates, EUCs for such purchases. As the longest served NSA, he signed all EUCs during Olusegun Obasanjo administration and the initial period of President Goodluck Jonathan's administration.

It is for same reason that former NSA, Abdullahi Mohammed did same during the Abdulsalami Abubakar government; same as then NSA, Sarki Muhktar in the late Umaru Yar'Adua administration and late NSA, Owoye Azazi in part of the President Jonathan administration.

Accordingly, we wish to ask what is new in current NSA, Sambo Dasuki signing End-User Certificates for companies bringing arms to Nigeria. Once he is satisfied that all required procedures have been settled, it rests on the NSA to sign the EUC as any such document without his signature is fake.

We believe the internal wrangling in the Defence and Security Agencies which some moles there are capitalizing on to destroy the laudable national effort must stop. Need we recall that many people have cried out for long that our military are poorly equipped? Now we are getting the equipment and people are deliberately sabotaging government's efforts for personal selfish reasons. It is high time the President fires the moles that have initiated this public hate against government just because they have lost out of what they thought would be a another drain pipe for their self-serving interest.

We must state for the umpteenth time that worldwide, purchases of defence and related security gadgets and fittings are done by selective tendering. So, moles in there and their business competitors who lost out in bids for such supplies must not transfer their anger on the ONSA whose sole business is to sign End-User Certificates after all constitutionally required procedures have been satisfied. And after he signs the certificate, it is not within the purview of the NSA to determine how the companies transact their businesses.

To continue to do this will not take them anywhere and neither will it change the law.

Comrade Umar Farouk
National Coordinator
Arms Deal: Plain facts to indicate that South Africa (SA) is playing a dangerous diplomatic evil game against Nigeria.

*Only the politically naive in international relations would assume that the seizure of funds have been accidental and procedural.

*The South African newspaper (City Press) confirmed today that documents found on the two Nigerians and One Israeli had a sign off end-user certificate personally issued by National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki meant for the arms transaction. The certificate included the official list of items to be purchased:

 Implication: The NSA office and relevant officials contacted SA hence the certificate was issued and due process followed. Despite this, SA seized the money and announced the transaction via the media.

*Fact: SA National Prosecuting Authority admitted according to City Press that an invoice was raised in SA for helicopters and armaments intended to be used in Nigeria with the $9.3m as the fund to consummate the purchase.

Implication: since the arms invioce was raised in SA, the SA govt was fully aware, yet it sent its customs, journalists and officials to way lay the covet operatives. This was a premeditated diplomatic infraction aimed deliberately at ridiculing Nigeria.

*On the second seizure of $5.7m, it's even more regrettable and un-African

It is confirmed that Cererus, a duly registered arms company with the SA National Arms Conventional Control Committee, officially received R60m (sixty million rand) from a Nigerian company to buy arms, but the company's registration expired shortly after the bank transaction. The company applied for re-registration but SA refused to grant the request, leaving the application to lie fallow for two months.

 The company tried to effect a refund over the failed supply, but SA govt stepped in and seized the money and frustrated the bank transfer. If the first was cash, the second was through official bank transaction.

*Implication: The SA govt deliberately denied the company re-registrationn so it could seize the money and as planned release the information to the media to achieve a hatched scheme to stand in the way of Nigeria.

NOTE: these facts are incontrovertible. The only point that stands out is the division in Nigeria where opposition and pro-opposition elements work to denigrate Nigeria without objectively analysing the situation.

The second deal was not a cash transaction, yet SA got a court to order the seizure of the money.

ACTION: It is high time Nigeria took definite action against the SA and their deliberate diplomatic infractions to frustrate our war on terror. Nigerians will recall the Yellow Card diplomatic slap and how the FG retaliation resolved the matter.

SA stand to lose more in the event of full diplomatic confrontation. This is the time to hit back.

As usual, we will expert opposition elements and their colleagues to support SA and their government. Their sponsored media associates will start singing the familiar tune and SA will be further emboldened to continue their ugly diplomatic infractions.

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