For the sake of Justice!

By Edo Unity League

For the sake of Justice! Being an open letter to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR on the scheme for a successor to the current Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin; by the Edo Unity League.

Mr. President, the Edo Unity League is a socio-academic and cultural organization that has been at the forefront of national issues in the last five years; and we have to our credit over thirty far reaching policy statements and crisis resolutions reached on behalf of Edo communities. This open letter is a landmark, because, it is aimed at nipping in the bud critical undercurrents that can make or mar the continued existence of the University of Benin. It is often said that people do not value peace, until they are in grave-need of peace of mind. Yes, the University of Benin is a federal citadel of learning, situate in Benin for the interests of the four states of Edo, Delta, Anambra and Ondo. Yet, it is an indisputable fact that no host community would fold its arms and be deprived of the most senior cadre of Management for thirty nine years, until November 30th 2009. It is for the sake of justice that we respectfully crave your humane discretion to allow the Benins of Edo State produce another academic as Vice Chancellor to succeed Prof. Osayuki Oshodin who is undoubtedly the first Benin to be so appointed.

In the last five years of uncommon leadership of the institution, blackmails and all forms of centrifugal tendencies have been orchestrated against the 1st Benin Vice Chancellor, apparently to provoke restive responses from the Benins; alas, the people have always heed the divine counsel of the revered Oba of Benin – that in the face of gruesome provocation, the Benins should display exemplary conducts. To the extent, one Prof. Onokerhoraye in league with a known Professor of Reproductive Health have been mischievously engineering all forms of venomous publications against the Management of the University of Benin since 2010. Evidence abound that they have been instigating students and host community groups to surreptitiously lambast Prof. O. G. Oshodin, Sen. Bob Efiong (Pro-Chancellor of Uniben), and distinguished members of the University Council and Senate. But in line with the peaceful and hospitality heritage that our people are renowned for, we have not made any hostile reaction or peace-threatening retaliations. WHEREAS, THIS ANTI-HOST COMMUNITY TENDENCIES ARE UNCONDOLLABLE IN OTHER CLIMES OF NIGERIA.

It is a well-known fact within and outside the University that Onokerhoraye and his cohorts vowed to wrestle the outgoing Vice Chancellor with all arsenals in order to deprive the Benins of a chance at producing another substantive VC after Prof. Oshodin, despite the fact that they (the Benins) where deprived of the post for thirty nine years. The former VC has been holding nocturnal meetings to produce the Uromi-born Professor of Reproductive Health as Oshodin's successor. We like to warn that whereas we are a peace loving and hospitable people, we will no longer fold our arms and allow ungrateful elements undermine our people's legitimate aspirations. As a matter of fact, we will resist individuals or group backed by some centrifugal elements to impose a non-Benin as Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin. ''Omwa ne o gha mu-igbina, oghi ka mu ezo” is a Benin epistemic maxim that counsels humans to be wary of fundamental issues and settle such issues before they deteriorate into a fight or war; without which, the war or fight becomes delicate to resolve. IT IS JUST A HUMANE APPEAL AND ADVICE THAT A BENIN MAN SHOULD BE SELECTED TO REPLACE PROF. O. G. OSHODIN.

Below is a catalogue of Esan domination of Edo state, whereas their revenue and natural resources potential are infinitesimal. The Presidency should not yield to the seeming ungodly manipulation of the selection process, being orchestrated by a top brass of the People's Democratic Party's Board of trustees, else they plunge Edo state into irreparable catastrophe.

1. 15 years : UBTH : Profs Eugene Okpere & Michael Ibadin : ESAN.

2. 12 years : Otibokhae Federal Hospital : ESAN.
3. Minister of Works : Ononememen : ESAN.
4. 10 years : NUC, Executive Secretary : Prof. J. Okojie : ESAN.

5. National Institute Of Construction Technology @ Uromi : Prof. S. O. Onahaebi : ESAN.

6. Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma : Prof. C. A. Agbebaku : ESAN.

7. Secretary of Nìgerian Shippers Council. Hon Egbadon. ESAN.

8. The Managing Dìrector. Nigerian Printing & Minting Company is ESAN.

9. Ministers of Works since 1999. ESAN.
We humbly call on Mr. President and other critical stakeholders to close ranks and give the Benins another chance to atone for decades of victimization. It is just, fair and apt to so do.

Arc. Momodu Eragbe – Chief Correspondence Officer, Edo Unity League

His Royal Majesty, Oba Erediauwa CFR, the Oba of Benin

The Hon. Minister for Education, Ministry of Education, Abuja

The Nigeria Governors Forum
The Nigeria Union of Journalists
All elected public office holders from Edo state