Speech Presented By Sir Jude Guobadia KSM On 12th Sept. 2014 At A Courtesy Visit To The Oba Of Benin By Edowuaoya

By Edo Unity League

Omo n' Oba n' Edo

Uku Akpolokpolo

Oba Erediauwa CFR

Your Majesty,


We recall with nostalgia the great ancient Benin Kingdom and the prowess of our ancestors who fought and left us with illustrious heritage now reduced to this reminant called South Senatorial District of Edo State. Historians lament but claim this is due to the colonial punitive expedition of 1897 which has left us enclaved in this pathetic entity.

EDOWUAOYA diagnosed that this is due to our collective actions, and inappropriate actions these while.

It is against this background that EDOWUAOYA, a non-profit, non-government organization made up of Benin men and women have come up to collectively assign to themselves to redress all the past ills and collaborate with other meaningful Benin organization in reposition Benin and Benin people as the first among others. BENIN FIRST

EDOWUAOYA is ready to protect the rights, privilege and dignity of Benin men and women and to chat a clear and practicable Development Road Map drawn from a Master plan for each Benin communities.

We shall close our eyes and ears to our pessimists, the “egiarus and Uma Igbanedos” to commence a positive posture of uplifting and positioning the people of Benin ethnic nationality to economically, culturally and socio-politically, to the enviable number one position as an ethnic group in Nigeria.

This is the time for the reverse movement, no longer will the “tail wag the dog”. We say Benin wake up and enough of the insults.

EDOWUAOYA states categorically that in pursuant of the above goal, the wise counsel, assistance and cooperation of our Royal Father, your Majesty Omo n' Oba n' Edo Uku Akpolokpolo will be sought and depended upon.

Our prayer today therefore, is to seek your Royal prayer and blessing to enable us achieve these objectives.

We shall collaborate and cooperate with other existing socio-political groups that have the well being of the Benin People at heart.

We thank you immensely for this opportunity granted us and we promise we shall not let you down.

Oba gha to Okpere Ise!



To uplift and position the people of Benin ethnic nationality to be economically, culturally and socio-politically progressive and excellently competitive in Nigeria and the global arena.

Edowuaoya is established to art a responsible and formidable platform in cooperation with government and private organization to identify, harness and apply the collective resources and potentials of the Benin people for their development and advancement.

1. Edowuaoya shall operate as a non profit organization

2. To serve as a rallying organ of the Benin ethnic nationality

3. To identify, monitor, design and propose opportunities that may directly or indirectly impact on the Benin people's interest.

4. To protect, defend the right, privileges and dignity of the Benis.

5. To seek avenues within the present Nigerian's democratic framework and dispensation to correct the existing obvious inequalities and inequities that have left the Benin people grossly marginalized and disadvantaged, politically and economically.

6. To articulate a visionary and futuristic design and chart a clear practicable development Road Map drawn from a master plan for each and every Benin Community.

7. To deliberately seek the assistance and cooperation of public and private domestic and international entities in the effort at realizing the Edowuaoya vision and collection aspirations.


1. Edowuaoya shall identify special and available opportunities for Benin interest.

2. Edowuaoya shall rely on merit / transparency in all its activities through consultation information, research and majority support by members.

3. To assure that Edowuaoya assignments requiring special skills or intellectual capital, expertise and experience not substituted or subverted with favoured popular choices.

4. Edowuaoya shall encourage assist and support leadership excellence and mentoring of deserving Benin sons and daughters

5. To deliberately, diligently and aggressively seek to attract investment from the West and South African Economic sub regions but more especially seek foreign direct investments on North American, Europe and Asia forciting and establishment in the Benin ethnic nationality which is bounded in specific discernable shapes and fashion by the seven Benin Local Government Areas of Oredo, Ikpoba-Okha, Egor, Orhiomwon, Uhunwnode, Ovia North-East and Ovia South West.

6. To systematically engage in a purposeful network of data collection and collection of the Benin both home and abroad for our growth and development.

7. To seek ways of filling the perceived vacuum in governance

8. To partner with a reputable financial institution for the Edowuaoya vision

9. To periodically honour persons and organizations, who have substantial contributions to the Benin territory at Edowuaoya Ceremonies

10. The Edowuaoya shall when necessary promptly inform and solicit the support of the referred Benin Monarch, Omo-no-oba ne Edo Uku-Akpolokpolo and his Royal court of planned program.