Elizabeth Obisanya boycotting Cheerios for latest ad campaign.

By HRH Funke Obisanya

Christian LGBT pastor and film maker Eizabeth Obisanya condemns Cheerios new advert.: The Cheerios Effect: André, Jonathan & Raphaëlle's Story shows Andre and Jonathan and their adopted black daughter Raphaelle.

As a member of the Christian LGBTI community in London I am incensed at the advert as I felt that it fails to consider the black family – why couldn't they have used 2 black gay dads and or 2 black lesbian mommies and their black child? Because they feel that it would not increase sales in the market and so why do they think that black people straight or queer would want to see 2 white gay dads with a black baby? Even in hetero world white parenting of black children does not mix well. Already there are rude comments to about the child – “niggalet” some have called her even alluding to her being their pet monkey…

Miss Obisanya concludes – if General Mills truly wanted to help the black or the LGBTI( black and white) cause they should have been more sensitive to both of the communities needs. For that I am saying cheerio to Cheerios..