APC's Manual for Defeating PDP in the 2015 Presidential Election.

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We believe that Nigeria is a colony of Northern Nigeria being illegally ruled by a Niger Delta impostor, President Jonathan. – —Dr Khalid Abubukar Aliyu. General Secretary Jama atul Nasir Islam (JNI)

This APC's only chance of defeating the PDP in 2015 presidential election is by fielding a non Hausa/Fulani Muslim as their presidential candidate.

There is no need putting an old wine in a new wine skin or putting a new wine in an old wine skin.

Better still there is no need patching a new cloth with an old piece.

The above maxims were used by Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago.

The only chances and possibility of this APC alias Janjaweed party beating the PDP in 2015 presidential is through the following formula:

Presenting a Northern Christian as their presidential candidate with a Southern Muslim as his running mate.

Presenting Tunde Raji Fashola as their presidential candidate with a Northern Christian as his running mate.

Presenting Adams Oshiomhole as their Presidential candidate with a Northern Muslim as his running mate.

The permutation of the front page cover of Sunday Trust of today the 5 th  of October 2015  presenting supremacist like General Buhari, Atiku Abubukar or even  Musa Kwankwaso will never work again in Nigeria of today.

It is the turn of other tribes especially from the former Northern Nigeria.

APC should have known by now that Kwankwaso, Buhari and Atiku are divisive personalities in the Nigerian body polity.

APC has forgotten too soon that in 2011, the South West deliberately voted the PDP during the presidential election and turned around in one week to vote for the then ACN in gubernatorial elections.

The truth is bitter but we will speak it all the same. The remaining sections of Nigeria are tired of the Hausa/Fulani for now and will be ready to vote anybody but Hausa/Fulani candidate.

The 2015 presidential election is there for the APC to win provided their presidential candidate is not a Hausa/Fulani Muslim. This is a hard bitter fact which many hardliners of the Hausa/Fulani stock will not want to hear.

I am happy even one of theirs Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed braved the odds and spoke the truth in the same Sunday Trust interview column.

With the tag of being sponsors of Boko Haram hanging on its neck perpetually, with all the insinuation across the country, the APC is a janjanweed party. This APC must act to prove the critics and present a Christian presidential candidate or Southern Muslim as the case may be.

The quartet of Atiku, Buhari, Waziri Tambuwal and Musa Kwankwaso must sheath their ambition for now.

At least no sacrifice can be too much for the Hausa/Fulani to preserve the so called 'forced unity of Nigeria.'

Anything short of that will be Goodluck all the way in 2015 to 2019.

Goodluck Nigeria.
Ndiameeh Babangida Babreek.
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