APC's “bad belle” over imminent release of Chibok girls

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By Tamuno West-Greene
Courtesy of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigerians are getting to know that the kidnapped Chibok girls are about to be released, and the Goodluck Jonathan administration is planning a massive publicity roadshow.

This is the same APC that has been on a road show; that has exploited the kidnap of over 200 young girls, and even set up and funded a Special Purpose Vehicle called  #BringBackOurGirls  to continue trumpeting the ill-luck that befell Nigeria.  Wonders will never end on the political stage called Nigeria.  And if we may ask, how did the opposition party know the girls are about to be set free?

APC thinks it is dirty politics, what Jonathan is planning.  However, it was clean politics when the party was gloating over the abduction of the girls, and chorusing around the world and in the pages of newspapers, electronic and social media the plight of the poor girls.  So, Government and, indeed, Nigerians should not celebrate the “release” of the traumatised girls.

The APC accused the Jonathan Administration of seeking to negotiate the timing of the release of the Chibok girls to create a maximum public relations boost for itself, rather than out of a genuine concern for the girls who are now in their sixth month in captivity.

Somehow, Lai Mohammed, from his hotel room in London, where he issued the idiotic statement knows that the Federal Government is not genuinely concerned.  Perhaps, he thinks women who have been sitting it out at the Unity Fountain are more concerned than a Commander-in-Chief who deploys soldiers to put their lives on the line daily.

Those women love the girls more because they shout more than others!  If we may ask, do these picnickers in Abuja think they are doing more than those who weep daily in their closets to God?

Please read what is APC's evidence that Government is not truly concerned: ”Apparently assured, somehow, that the girls were about to be released, the Administration had set up an elaborate publicity event in New York, rented the necessary crowd and booked back-to-back interviews with the international media to enable the President to luxuriate in the girls' release. This event was billed for the five-star Pierre Hotel in Manhattan, close to the UN Headquarters.

”Nigerians will remember that on 23 Sept., the military announced, on Twitter, the imminent release of the girls, only to retract the statement shortly thereafter. In the intervening period, thousands of 'supporters' of the President had gathered at the Pierre Hotel to welcome the President after the release of the girls, while media interviews had been booked for him.

”Such an occasion required prior organisation, and therefore prior knowledge by both the government and attendees of the timing of any release of the girls. This whole episode was timed to also coincide with President Jonathan's speech to the UN General Assembly on the following day – Sept. 24th – and to secure maximum advantage for the government. Somehow, the whole process collapsed like a pack of cards, to the chagrin of those seeking to exploit the innocent girls for political advantage.”

APC says since the incompetence of the Jonathan Administration led to the abduction of the girls in the first instance, it must not seek to make political capital out of their release.  So, what about the incompetent and complicit wickedness of the APC government in Borno State?

Now, APC thinks that what should be paramount is securing the release of the girls as soon as possible, not securing their release to fit with a schedule that benefits Goodluck Jonathan politically.  Is that so? They were kidnapped with pomp and ceremony by the terrorists, with their connivers shouting to the high heavens.  Should they be released quietly without anyone celebrating?  Good, but will the APC and its cohorts remain in the media and at the Unity Fountain for as long as they did when the girls were in captivity, singing the praises of Jonathan and his government for a job well done?  If they won't, then the President should gain all the political and publicity capital if and when this momentous occasion takes place.

Mohammed says that the Jonathan Administration rebuffed appeals from well-meaning Nigerians to negotiate the release of the girls in their early days in captivity, but nothing can be so farther from the truth.  Who created safe pass and logistics for all who have been involved in this negotiation from Day One?  If APC has nothing doing than this insidious busy-bodying, it should shut up or be working to put its disintegrating house in order.

Lai Mohammed should be talking about the fever and high blood pressure that Atiku, Buhari, Oshiomhole and that clown from Kano State are passing his party through rather than the good Goodluck is doing to bring our daughters home.

”We believe the government should do whatever it takes to secure the safe release of the girls. We believe nothing is too much to do to get the girls back home safely and bring the much-needed relief to their parents and families.  But we suspect the government's sudden efforts, which is undoubtedly aimed at giving a boost to President Jonathan's candidacy for next year's presidential election,” APC writes.  We ask, what is wrong with that.  If Goodluck does the job and parties over his victory, why should it worry the  Angry Peoples Congress ?

The angry politicians say what is happening confirms what they have been saying all along that the Jonathan Administration knows more about the Boko Haram insurgency than it has admitted.  This is the only count this writer agrees with APC, because if Jonathan had dealt with that evil character and ally of the APC that “recently left the CBN,” all these violence would have ended a long time ago and there would have been no Nyanya bombings and others like it.

West-Greene sent this piece from Port Harcourt.

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