PDP gradually heading for the rocks

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Sir, I remember reading a piece by one Dike Odu sometime in September where he was writing on the stumbling block called the PDP national Chairman, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, in the supposedly peace building of People's Democratic Party, PDP. It is necessary that the word “Democratic” should be expunged from the Party's make-up words as there exist no democracy or many people with democratic tendencies in that Party. A Party should first enjoy internal democracy to merit using such word.

Going by what is going on in the PDP at various State chapter, you will look not too far to see that it is gradually destroying itself. And come to think of it, the party Chairman decamped from ANPP and now leading the PDP. Therefore noticing how they feel elated with people decamping from other parties to join the PDP should not surprise anyone. Even other victories through the back door or kidnapped as in the case of those governors that got to seat on another political party platform but later decamped to the PDP; they are political prostitutes.

My prediction is that come 2011, PDP, if they continue the way of their National Chairman and the so-called Elders Committee headed by Senator Ike Nwachukwu, they would definitely lose many States and seats because the room for 100% rigging as before practiced may not be there for anyone.

Mr. Kenneth Abimbola

Plot 105, 23 Road,

Agip Estate, Port Harcourt

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