State of the Nation: Melaye Floats new civil rights group


…issues 14 days ultimatum over Ihejirika, Modu Sheriff, $9.3 m arms deal, others


We hereby today declare and announce the formation of the CITIZENS ARISE MOVEMENT OF NIGERIA – a civil-based movement with the sole purpose of fighting all forms of injustices in Nigeria. We furthermore present for public interest THE CHARTER OF CITIZENS ARISE MOVEMENT OF NIGERIA. Suffice me therefore to say:

It is with absolute sense of disdain, frustration and gross disappointment about the way, manner and attitude of the Federal Government regarding the multifaceted challenges confronting our great country; particularly the security challenges and the daily hopelessness and drifting into obscurity of our precious Chibok daughters to which the Government has refused to find a concrete answer. We the Citizen Arise Movement of Nigeria, a new non-governmental, non-politically non-partisan and not-for-profit organization have decided to raise our voices against the gross ineptitude, observed lack of capacity, perennial lies, deceit, governmental self-denials,  cover-up; intolerable levels of corruption and non-accountability under this government.

When this regime of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came into power both as an acting President and an Elected President some six (6) years ago, it was with great enthusiasm, expectations and co-operation that the Nigerian people welcomed him. The Civil Society Organizations led by the Save Nigerian Group and others rose in defense and support of him.

However, six years down the lane, the confession from the mouth of every truthful Nigerian is that the Nigerian nation has never had it so bad. There is visibly lack of capacity, gross carelessness,  ineptitude, incompetence, unholy  romance with corruption and unwholesome disgrace of Nigeria's Sovereignty before the International Community by the cheap acts of lies and cover-ups as exemplified by the case where the Federal Government flaunted the laws of both Nigeria and South Africa, through the act of money laundering and arms black market racketeering.

In view of these enumerated ills of this Government and its continuous mal-administration, we the Citizens Arise Movement of Nigeria have decided to vehemently insist on good governance, accountability, transparency and demonstration of capacity by making the following demands:

1.      That the Nigerian Government should show capacity to contain and defeat the Boko Haram insurgents.

2.      That the President as the Commander-in-Chief should address the nation on the actual threat posed by the insurgents and the conviction of the Government to urgently defeat them.

3.      That the Federal Government should constitute an independent panel to determine the following:

·          The involvement of the former Chief of Army Staff, Patrick Ihejirika, and former Borno State Governor, Modu Sheriff in the sponsorship of Boko Haram

·          Invite Dr. Stephen Davis and involve the Australian Government to unravel the truth

4.      That the federal government and military authorities ensure adequate care and compensation for the families of our soldiers and men of other security agencies who have lost their lives in the course of defending the security, unity and integrity of our nation.

5.      That the names of these our beloved fallen heroes be published and their identities revealed so that the entire nation can honour them and show respect to their gallantry. They must not perish in obscurity and be reduced to mere numbers.

6.      That the Federal Government should ensure that the death sentence passed on the 12 soldiers accused of mutiny is immediately reverted since the case of official corruption, perceived insensitivity and neglect has been established against the former Brigade Commander.

7.      That we condemn in absolute terms the provision of excessive military protection and security to Alimodu Sheriff who has been alleged to be a sponsor of Boko Haram.

8.      That the Federal Government should come out clearly on the question of the 9.3 million Dollars impounded by the South African authorities since the laws of both South Africa and Nigeria have been expressly violated. So, the case of black market arms racketeering, money laundering and official corruption has been committed by the Federal Government of Nigeria having claimed ownership of the said 9.3 million dollars. That those involved in the criminal act be prosecuted and jailed for breaking our laws and the laws of a foreign country and bringing so much disrepute to our image as a nation.

9.      That the Federal Government  immediately order the Attorney-general of the Federation and Ministry of Justice to resume immediate prosecution  in the mega corruption cases (Halliburton, Malabu and Siemens) and make the culprits face the full wrath of the law.

10. That Mr. President who is the custodian of our values and constitution should immediately reverse the clemency granted to Mr. Diepreye  Alamieyeseigha who has an international warrant of arrest on him.

11. That the Federal Government of Nigeria must visibly and adequately equip, mobilize and encourage our Military to go full blast and defend our country against insurgency and recapture every inch of Nigerian territory occupied by insurgents. 

12. That the Federal Government should deploy our arsenal to bring back all missing persons subsuming the abducted Chibok school girls.

13. That the Government must demonstrate total commitment to free, fair and credible electoral processes leading to the 2015 elections.

14. That we condemn in its entirety the militarization of elections and gross disenfranchisement of voters in any part of Nigeria.

15. That the Federal Government and Mr. President must prosecute Ministers, Directors- General, Managing Directors and other heads of MDAs indicted of corrupt practices i.e.  Diezeani, Stella Oduah, Godsday Orubebe, Maina, Emeka Wogu of labour, Orosanye, etc. 

16. That the Federal Government must declare the production and sales capacity of our crude oil per day.

17. That we demand transparency in the production and sale of crude oil in Nigeria per day and furthermore, request that the Federal Government wedge total war on illegal oil bunkering and illegal refineries.

18. That we decry both quality and infrastructural standard of education in Nigeria. Furthermore, we therefore demand that the 26% budgetary provision by all nations to education as contained in the UNESCO Charter must be implemented. Education at all levels must be a right of every Nigerian and not a privilege.

19. We demand that the Justice System in Nigeria be reformed from the present commercialization and monetization of the carriage of justice to a system of equity that conforms to the Nigerian constitution and the Rule of Law.  

20. We also demand that the Federal Government take seriously, the issue of job creation and combat unemployment that is responsible for the social malaise bedeviling our country i.e. insurgency, kidnapping, drug abuse, human trafficking, etc. An idle hand is the devils workshop.

21. We recommend a Unicameral Legislature for the Nigerian National Assembly as the Bicameral Legislature presently practiced is expensive, time-wasting, cumbersome and bogus.

22. We demand for Civil Service Reforms and restoration of the middle class in Nigeria – a reform that will check abuse of office and corruption. 

23. We demand that the National Assembly members carry out holy oversight functions over the MDAs and an end to the existing marriage where there is a sharing formula of public funds among the Legislature, Public and Civil Service.

24. We demand for an agricultural revolution for economic integration and social reliance.

25. We ask for qualitative, accessible and comprehensive Health Care delivery system which will discourage medical tourism. There should be a comprehensive health insurance scheme for all Nigerians.

26. We demand that the Federal Government create a social security system that takes care of indigents, the aged, physically and mentally challenged citizens.

27. We demand affordable and stable power supply to all Nigerians and transparency in the generation, transmission and distribution of power. We demand furthermore that the Federal Government diversifies effectively sources of power in Nigeria.

We declare that if within the next fourteen (14) days, the federal government fails to respond appropriately to our demands; we shall commence and inspire nationwide protests which shall continue until our demands are met.

As a movement of the Nigerian people, we wish to express our faith in the unity and indivisibility of our beloved country, Nigeria. We declare our stand in solidarity with all the suffering masses of our beloved country and pledge our continued struggle for a better Nigeria on behalf of all. We call on all citizens to unite in a spirit of oneness, regardless of our tribal, ethnic, religious, sectional and political differences, so that together we will fight this struggle for a better nation.

We also commiserate with victims of the insurgency and the general rot that has bedeviled our nation. We stand in solidarity with the families of our soldiers and personnel of other security agencies, civilian public officials as well as members of the traditional institution, who have lost their lives in the battle to defend our dear country. We re-emphasise our demand for adequate care and compensation for the families of these fallen heroes of our beloved nation.

The Constitutional Basis for our demands is derived from the following sections and other relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended:  

1.      Section14 (2a): Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria 

2.      Section14 (2b): Security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government

3.      Section14 (2c): Participation of the people in their government

4.      Section 24b: Help to enhance the power, prestige, good name; and defence of country

5.      Section 38: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

6.      Section 39: Freedom of opinion and expression

7.      Section 40: Freedom of peaceful assembly and association

Thank you and GOD BLESS our beloved country Nigeria.

Otunba Dino Melaye
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