I Would Have Ruthlessly Dealt With KCee If I Were His Wife—Adokiye

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nigerian singer, Adokiye Kyrian, is gradually making headlines not for scandals, but at lashing on some certain issues that is of human interest.

Recently, the singer, described some guys in Nigeria as irresponsible and feels sad about the fact that she might not get to have an affair with a Nigerian dude.

Adokiye questioned the attitude of the present generation and imagined how they should be regarded as the leaders of tomorrow.

The singer is pained with the way and manner Five Star music artiste, Kcee, had on several occasions denied his wife publicly and in the pages of the newspapers.

She added that Nigerian men get married when they don't have money and when the money comes, they abandon the woman. Adding that she wished that she is the one married to the singer, she would have called the gods of her village to strike him down.