“Commitment to a course is not just about being a follower; it continues to dig deep on the path of sacrifices, constantly seeking newer results and achievements that continue to advance the course”.

Project Owelle' dream for humanity may have started very long time ago, maybe in disarray or from a wilderness situation. Owelle the vision bearer only had to keep faith amidst expected and unexpected stubborn challenges that kept hallucinating failure which dimmed the hope of many then with him, except for a doggedly committed few, who stood by him in thick and thin, among them and most conspicuously stationed is the current Imo state deputy Governor, His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere!

Along this path with Owelle, for Prince Eze Madumere, inevitable sacrifices have passed under the bridge. The price may have been subconsciously costly but in endurance and patience he marched on sharing the faith with Owelle, believing in a course that attributes no respect to its carriers only having eyes on a collective good that seeks to emancipate our people from the shackles of leadership oppression. Together with Owelle, Prince Eze Madumere's stronghold on this vision has extracted gains from pains and giving clue to a made-clueless generation. If the truth must be told clean; the story of Owelle cannot be complete without the multifarious support in stewardship he gets from the man he prefers to call his “political son”, Prince Eze Madumere!

A lambent Partnership built on trust, believe, purity and understanding. In his developmentally molded nature, Owelle can be demanding, desirous of the best and for newer templates that will ensure realizable development for his people, equally meeting his standard which covers both the rich and the poor, a standard that gives the poorest of the poor an equal right with the rich to the benefits of sound leadership. To achieve all these as the boss wants, Madumere comes to play, administering a result-oriented service to the admiration of his boss, whom on his part is so comfortable with the passionate effort of a most reliable man by his side who always comes handy!

How best to celebrate efficiency if not by character pro-efficiency; the right person gives the right result, and the right result promotes a course. The eyes can see and it knows the truth; even when the mouth may say otherwise, maybe from an opposition perspective, the truth would always prevail and triumph!

A tested and trusted man is better than the trusted. Things are in place in today's Imo state because the Governor's team of tested and trusted, spear-headed by Prince Eze Madumere, executes even the primary of orders in sublimity, accuracy and with precision without focusing on today's gains and disregarding the political toga of status only preferring to see themselves as aides to a man's vision for the good of Imolites.

Owelle's birthday may have come and gone, but putting into cognizance the effort of the state Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, at ensuring success of the event leaves so much to relish. He was always virtually everywhere, like he untiringly does while going on project inspections. Under the rain and in the sun, he made sure everything was in place most especially the media/communication transmitting outfit that beamed this great event live, even with the downpour. It was obvious that errors, if there was any, couldn't have come from him. Yet, he was able to present a heart-warming speech, eulogizing a great man, a boss and mentor, His Excellency Owelle Anayo Okorocha. Kudos to the Deputy! He sure is more than that to his boss.

Recently he was adjudged the most dependable Deputy in Nigeria. This honor couldn't have been a fluke considering his work rate cum show of humility and simplicity. Truly he may not be everybody's best, but certainly he is majority's best! God bless you your Excellency!

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