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Can I take a decision my mentor does not support?
I have been working with someone who has also been acting as my mentor. But I however feel I should leave his company as I am no longer finding fulfilment. How will my mentor react?

The truth is that you are alone. Your mentor is only an adviser and he would not be held accountable that day when you face your creator and he is asking for an account of what you did while you were here. Can you be at your best in place your spirit is not in? It is impossible. I suggest you summon courage and approach your mentor for a frank discussion. Share all your concerns with him and you could be surprised that he has broader perspectives on the issue. But if after the discussion you still find that your spirit is not in that place, you may have to take the obvious decision of leaving the place.

Can a woman
be my mentor?
I met a woman at an event and I loved her presentation and the way she comported herself. I approached her to be my mentor, but she declined saying I could just send an email to her on any issue. Is it wrong for a man to take a woman as his mentor?

There is nothing wrong but I must say that it is a delicate one. I imagine that the woman in question is married. Have you stopped to think of how her husband would react to it? I suggest you stick to her suggestion. On issues involving the opposite sex, I would suggest that they are handled differently. I have had many stories of otherwise good relationship between individuals of opposite sex that went messy. Even in spiritual matters, pastors are being advised to exercise great caution when counselling people of opposite sex. I like how a pastor friend has handled the issue. In his office, his wife's office is next to his and they have a common window which has transparent glasses. His wife can directly observe whatever counselling that is going on. My message: you would be wise to thread very softly in that area.

Good mentors are
difficult to find
I have followed your articles for some time and I have been impressed by every one I have read. You mentioned that we should get mentors, but my experience is that Nigerians are difficult to approach as mentors particularly if your line of business is related to theirs. I have been chasing one for the past three months and has been giving all manners of excuses. What do you think or should one just forget this mentoring stuff?

Don't give up yet! It is obvious that you are missing certain keys. I just gave a talk on the issue of mentoring. You can click on to and go to Ayo Arowolo's speaking circuits to download the document on mentoring. In the time being , you can also start to read books on the area of business you want to go into. All is well with you.

My passion is not
in my current job
I have just discovered that my passion in the line of business I currently do. I want to launch out into my area of passion. What do I do, since I don't have the requisite experience?

You can always get into any business you have interest in provided you are willing to pay the necessary price in terms of learning. The first logical step would be to look for people who are already in that line of business and approach one or two of them for a mentoring relationship. You may want to work for some of them for free during your spare time. You can also pay someone to coach you on that line of business. It has been established that six months of good mentoring or coaching by an experienced person can produce far more impact than five years spent in the classroom to acquire knowledge on a particular areas.

In addition to that you should get at least five good books (on recommendations please) that touch on that line of business and read them to gain understanding on the subject. My final advice: Don't be too scared by the initial difficulties you might encounter. It is possible.