On September 18 2014 the leader of APC, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu returned to Lagos after a deserved holiday abroad where he has gone to rest after the August 9 2014 State of Osun guber elections. Few weeks into his vacation his enemies and those who wished him dead went to town again to peddle the wicked rumour that the man is ill and could not even recognize his relatives. Before anybody could say Jack Robinson the bad and wicked news went to town. It went viral in the internet, it became the hottest news, and it sold like hot potatoes.

Lagos PDP and those Asiwaju BAT has tormented politically in Nigeria since 1999 went to town. They wished that the sage will not return. They wished that he goes forever to the land of no return. They went to night vigils to ask God to help them take away Asiwaju BAT so that they can grow politically in Lagos and Nigeria. In the innermost part of their bedrooms they cried and blamed God for creating Asiwaju BAT to continue to torment in Lagos and Nigeria. Like Leo Tolstoy they said Asiwaju BAT has been on their back, choking them politically, and making them to carry him and yet assures them that he is very sorry and wish to ease their problem by all possible means except to get off their backs. While those who believe in God go to Churches to pray for physical decimation and elimination of Asiwaju BAT others who believe in traditional religion visit Babalawos to help them solve this life threatening problems by getting the man out of the way. They roll on ground, pour ashes on their heads, rent their garments, offer incantations and try to invoke the spirits of their forefathers to intervene to remove Asiwaju for them. But they have not succeeded.

This is not the first time this kind of wickedness is being celebrated. When Asiwaju BAT had a problem with one of his legs sometime ago, he told the world that he is going abroad for a minor surgery. However, the surgery took quite sometime and the rumor mongers went to town that the man is paralyzed. They danced, clapped, sang, blew their trumpets, drank themselves to stupor believing and dreaming that the enemy will never return to Nigeria to pour sands in their garri. Asiwaju returned and they held their peace. They went underground, sulked, cursed and blamed God and their oracles for their predicaments in the hands of Asiwaju BAT.

Yesterday September 18, 2014 Asiwaju BAT returned to stop all the lies. As our own BAT was alighting from the aircraft in Lagos, looking smart, confident, fit as fiddle, gracious, happy, strong, in shape, glorious, agile and peaceful, the moribund PDP in Lagos was busy in its Press Statements telling the world and Lagosians to pray for his quick recovery. Now all the arguments, all the lies, all the innuendoes, all the celebrations by his enemies, all the death wishes have been put to rest at least for now. The peddlers of falsehood, false news, lies, and propaganda can now go to sleep. The pliant and pliable Lagos PDP who acts on impulses will now look for a place to hide its head. Listen to Lagos PDP: 'Lagosians are interested in knowing the true state of the health of the former Governor whose medical bill is being paid with their taxes. We also feel that the family and the government should have the obligation to let Lagosians know the actual state of his health' As this release was being read in the papers this morning Asiwaju BAT was receiving friends, associates, well wishers and even hangers on who came in their hundreds to welcome the leader. PDP goofed. Shocked by this bad behavior the man said: 'it is very shocking and saddening that people are peddling all sorts of lies about my health. When I had a knee problem I disclosed to Nigerians. Some people are deliberately fabricating information that I have a medical or health problem. This is evidence of distrust of people in this country'

This is a lesson to all and sundry that unhappy is the land that has no heroes. Men do not really decide their future, they decide their habits then their habits decide their future. Asiwaju BAT's future is secure because he has lived for the people. He is a hero of democracy and therefore should be celebrated. This is why I sympathize with those who wish him dead.

When the rumors became too much his wife, distinguished Senator Oluremi Tinubu told the Press that if it is indeed true that her husband is sick, she would not have been in Nigeria. Did it stop Lagos PDP from going public? No! Even when Asiwaju BAT twitted yesterday that he is hale and hearty, the scavengers and harbingers of falsehood were not swayed. On arrival Asiwaju BAT told the press that he went to London for a 'deserved rest to study and strategize on how to turn around APC to take over government from the ruling Party which has lost focus' The leader of APC has served humanity with his intellect, wealth, time, energy, strength, power and he deserves a better treatment even from his adversaries and foes. He loves the people of Nigeria and he serves them very well. You see, you cannot lead the people if you do not love the people. You cannot save the people if you do not serve the people.

Once I was with Asiwaju in his compound in Lagos and behold I noticed this tall building springing up in front of his house. I whispered to him that the building might create a security problem for him,and his family. He looked at me and whispered also that his life is in God's hands. Yes the destinies of nations and individuals are in the hands of God.

Written by Joe Igbokwe.

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