The Means to the Highest Level of Happiness

Each and everyone who dwells on this planet earth actively aspires towards achieving permanent happiness. Well conducted and scientifically validated surveys reveal time and time again that happiness is the most treasured phenomenon on earth. As a matter of fact, all human endeavours and undertakings are consciously or unconsciously aimed at obtaining or offering happiness to others. Social psychology has clearly determined that career, family, relationships etc, are all designed to offer us the highest level of happiness. As a matter of fact, people are very quick to embrace situations that yield for them happiness. Therefore, it can be rightly summarised that “we live to be happy and not to be miserable.” Yet, though all of us are in active and relentless quest of happiness, not everyone is blessed to find happiness. The reason why some of us fail to find happiness is that, we either look for happiness in the wrong places or go about seeking happiness in the wrong way.

There are two forms of happiness comprising, internal happiness and external happiness. Each and everyone is endowed with a mighty and inexhaustible reservoir of happiness in the soul. Most researchers call this centre the joy spot. If harnessed, this form of happiness is the richest and the most permanent. On the other hand, external happiness is derived from association with family, friends, career etc. This form of happiness is very whimsical; and can quickly disappoint us at no notice. Remember, when couples are falling in love, they say to each other: Oh baby, you mean the whole world to me; and when they are divorcing, they say to each other: you have destroyed my life.

If you know how to harness your internal happiness, you can utilise this internal happiness to maximise your external happiness, enabling you to fulfil your wildest dream of achieving supreme happiness in each and every aspect of your life. The Quan Yin Method of Meditation is a time-honoured and scientifically proven secret that can enable you to harness your internal happiness, which then overflows into every aspect of your daily life, offering you the most fascinating transformation; and multiplying your dose of happiness beyond your most rigorous expectations. But The Quan Yin Method of Meditation would also increase your wisdom, creativity, serenity, fulfilment and offer you credible answers regarding all perplexing questions about life. I trust that the attached e-book will be of great use to you; and that it will add immense beauty and happiness into your life. Enjoy it and stay blessed always.

Emmanuel Ebah,
Researcher, Economist, Writer and Philosopher;

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