The Governor Delta State Deserved Come 2015

Source: Omene Japhet.U

An upright man, a humble man, a man with a godly vision and mission, a man with the fear of God, a man who can be trusted, a peace maker, a righteous man, God own choice, a man who will bring more uncommon transformation to delta state, a truthful man, a man with integrity, a man who have a dream to see all delta's fulfilled, among all the aspirants contesting for governorship position in delta state is there any one with this qualifications? Yes Tony obuh is the man who can lead Delta state come 2015, the era has passed when people come to occupy positions without plans and vision, all those who have come in contact with Mr. Tony Obuh will have this to say about him in scorching sun, he was like a patch of shades in endless desert. Can we find a match for him among men? Like an oasis on a bruised heart like soothing balm was he. Afraid many stayed confined in the well,

Fearless he frolicked in the river never hesitating to swim against the tide He wandered lonesome as a cloud.

He was as unique as his name
The man Tony Obuh.

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