EnergyNet calls on African Energy Ministers to support ‘Wind for Prosperity' - a sustainable approach to deliver electricity to off-grid villages across the continent

Source: EnergyNet Ltd.

LONDON, United-Kingdom, September 4, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- As Africa's star continues to rise and Governments are becoming increasingly mindful of the importance of delivering electricity beyond city and industrial boundaries, EnergyNet ( has partnered with 'Wind for Prosperity', a Vestas initiative to deliver electricity to some of the poorest off-the-grid citizens across Africa.


With more than 1.3 billion people across the globe lacking access to affordable and reliable electricity, creating dramatic consequences for human health, education, and economic well-being 'Wind for Prosperity' can support government's plans for industrial electrification by delivering electricity beyond the grid.

'Wind for Prosperity' will create a world of new opportunities by accelerating access to clean water, healthcare, irrigation, education, communications infrastructure, and other social and economic benefits. It is different to most other corporate initiatives to alleviate poverty as the concept is commercially based and is more scalable and sustainable than efforts purely reliant on philanthropy and donations - it is business as a force for good.

Morten Albæk, Group Senior Vice President and CMO of Vestas commented “Every day at Vestas we think about solutions to make the world's energy mix more sustainable and maintain our position as the global wind leader and technology developer. With more than 61 GW of installed wind turbines, comprising close to 19% of total global capacity, we understand the importance of delivering viable energy programmes and we're delighted to partner with EnergyNet in Africa to increase the chances of delivering electricity to important corners of the continent, often overlooked due to challenging financial conditions.”

EnergyNet's MD Simon Gosling added, “The potential for such an off-grid solution to support government objectives is huge both economically and politically and we're delighted to partner with Vestas on such a potentially game changing venture; indirectly supporting industrial development, directly supporting local development.

Excitingly, 'Wind for Prosperity' ties in with our own 'EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI)' which supports African student engineers from across the continent where we're supporting the development of nationals from across the continent, providing opportunities which otherwise may not be realised. 'Wind for Prosperity' is a similar venture and one we hope governments will give full backing to help succeed.”

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of EnergyNet Ltd.

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