Is Gov. Okorocha Truly After My Life?

In accordance with esoteric tradition, all things are concealed in all. In Taoism the universal force, polarity and the four elements are all inter-twinned to consolidate existence. According to this initiated wisdom, prana, chi, astral fluid and the ophidian vibrations are all terms for a universal life force that permeates and connects all things.

The Kabalistic texts call it ChAI, which means “life”. Because of the transcendental nature of this force, also called correspondence or matter, our thoughts can take the form of actions, shaping our world.

This “LIFE FORCE” according to Swami Prabhupada is “The life that comes from life”. The supreme nature of God is attested to in the light of the above in the Bhagavad-Gita 17:19 thus, “You are the origin, without beginning middle or end. You have numberless arms, and the sun and moon are among your great, unlimited eyes. By your own radiance you are heating this entire universe”.

In all the sacred writings of antiquity the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita and others, the God of creation is presented as the source of all things including life. He gave man life in order for man to praise him and render services to his fellow man in love. To all his creation he gave talents to human being whom the bible said was made in his glorious image.

To some, he gave the gift of writing; to another he gave the gift of priesthood, to few others the gift of music and so on. He gave different gifts to different people in order to maintain cosmic equilibrium in the world of matter, energy, space and time. A part from my classroom work as a lecturer in the university, he endowed me with the gift of writing for which I was professionally trained as a journalist.

As a full and active member of Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) Imo state chapter, I have won various national, international and local awards for upholding the principles of Journalism and much more. The recent of this award was the “Icon of Democracy in Imo state” by Community Link Initiative Int'l.

As a social critic and activist, I have always objectively criticized any policy that appears not to be in tandem with proper civilization of our society, be it government or religion. I know I have been taking risk but God is my witness, I do not criticize any government with ignoble intention. I do so with the conviction that as an unpaid adviser our leaders could do better for us to have a better society.

I criticized Chief Achike Udenwa, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, and the former head of state, Chief Obasanjo and much more. None of them has ever attempted to harm me in one way or the other. There was no trace of any attempted murder. The case of this administration led by Owelle Rochas is a bugaboo. I have always remained straightforward in my analysis of his policies. Some have written that I don't love Gov. Rochas Okorocha, but it is not true. I love him so much so that I am advising him. However, what I am against is all his administrative manipulation and his ignoble way of attaining opulence.

For instance, when Okorocha wanted to build his private university, he played trick on the people of Imo state that he is relocating Imo state university to Ogboko his home town. He used executive fiat to appropriate a large expanse of land, today both Imo-Turkish University or Imo state University are nowhere to be found in Ogboko. Owelle now has taken it as his private property. Each time he is exposed in my column, I will receive one type of threat or the other from his men.

On the 17thof March 2013 at about 5 to 5:30pm four well armed men stormed my residence in Owerri Imo state desiring to see me. My entire household was afraid but they left a message (when it became clear to them that I was away) that if they had seen me, they would have cut off my hands-the one used in writing against the government. Thereafter, I raised alarm that the state government was after my life; my lawyer petitioned the then Inspector General of Police, in fact, the rest became a story.

After that I have severally published some telephone numbers that have always threatened me for writing against Gov. Rochas. I must confess that I thought they have forgotten everything about me until few months ago when one SHIMO called me and threatened fire and brimstone over my article against the Governor of Imo state. The said SHIMO promised dealing with me but never explained how he was to actualize it.

Dear reader, I was bamboozled on the 18th and 19th of August respectively when some strange faces were noticed around my residence as I was informed by my good neighbours. As a matter of fact, on the 20th day of August 2014 at about 10:35pm seven well armed men stormed my residence again and consequently shot at my gate and got it opened as they found entrance to my sitting room, every member of my house hold was forced to lie face down.

As they lay down, they started asking, “Where is prof, where is prof”. One of them who led the team who was later identified as SHIMO, held my younger brother to direct him where I was. Already I had through my police orderly put a call to the control room of Imo police command who at the same time responded quickly to the call in less than five minutes. Before my brother could lead them to my room, the anti-terrorist police and the Scorpion together with other police within the area had arrived. The moment they sighted at the police, they shot at them and left me with a bad memory of the incident.

I never believed what I saw with my eyes that same night. The gallant Nigerian police performed marvelously well and dealt with the matter the way I never expected. Kudos to the commissioner of police of Imo state for the wonderful role he played that same night. The command has a reliable and commendable CP. He meant well for the state and has always shown the way for others to follow. He visited the crime scene that same night and made sure his men stayed with us to restore confidence in us.

At this point I want to thank men of the police for the role they played in this incident while appreciating them in this connection, I wish to inform the reader that no pin was taken away from my home. The men of the underworld were all after me to eliminate me. If they were robbers as claimed, they would have made demand of money, hand-set and other valuable things. They never asked us of money or anything rather they were after taking life out of me. It should be emphasized here that sometimes robbers act like assassins and assassins too act like robbers. But from my experience, I have no doubt that they were assassins.

The amazing thing to me and my entire household and friends is that the State Chief executive Chief Rochas Okorocha has not in any way either through his aids or by himself put across a sympathy call to me. I am truly amazed! All the same God is the final judge. I am therefore calling on well meaning Nigerians to come to my rescue before it is too late. Any injustice to one is injustice to all.

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