‘THE ACCIDENTAL PUBLIC SERVANT’: Of Defection And Zero Possibility

By Fodio Ahmad (Mai Gemu)

In his own words Nasir Ahmad El-rufai said “THE ACCIDENTAL PUBLIC SERVANT is a fitting description of someone who never purposefully set out to be a public servant, but rather fell into it through a series of accidents, strokes of luck met with fortuitous preparedness that landed me in the stormy waters of Nigerian politics and governance”.

He further said in Chapter One (Humble Origins) of his Self Abuse Memoir, TAPS “Some people become aware at a very early age what their calling is in life. For better or worse, I was never one of those people”.

If you don't know or have not read that egoistic pen expression by El-Rufai where nearly all the Nigerian leaders including Late Yar Adua are described as first class devils with A's in all execution then he, the intellectual saint is portrayed as a 'STAND OUT PUBLIC SERVANT'. He who could not resign under the devils' administration and perhaps the first to single handedly write a speech for a nation's president. I can't fail to say also that El-Rufai was the first to graduate with a first class honours degree.

For a moment, why all this ? It is because El-Rufai made a comment that has made me conclude that he, El-Rufai is one of the major problems in the political and democratic 'Already sick' system of Nigeria. He is also one of the biggest threats towards the continuous existence of Nigeria as a nation. He has always acted and expressed himself like he is politically screwed and so desperate to clinch power come 2015. His urgent need for a first class psychiatric took another upgraded face when a twitter handle @NasiruHamisu1 tweet @elrufai asked “When do you plan to defect from APC to PDP”.

You see the young sokoto dude who has less than 50 followers and 200 tweets really got this shot on El-Rufai for he pushed words into his problematic skull. Instead of El-Rufai to save his utterance, he spewed a rotten reply saying “When Satan repents and converts to islam, I will consider the option and then reject it”.

Indeed !Dr. Dre released his second single titled I NEED A DOCTOR from his third studio album DETOX in February 2011;a song featuring Rapper Eminem and Singer Skylar Grey. This song should be dedicated to NASIR AHMAD EL-RUFAI who currently is suffering from a political disease called 'DESPERATION FOR 2015'.

The fact that ideology is absent in our system of politics doesn't mean we should be too careless with words, especially as a public servant. In a less aggrieved democratic nation, such a comment is nothing rather than just exaggerating the possibility of his defection which is normal. In a country like Nigeria, where 'SPARKS' are on the search to unleash our brainwashed sycophancy, such a statement is considered too sensitive, and above all coming from El-rufai.

Asides politics, I have been observing northern Nigerian muslim politicians in particular in the course of their campaigns. They try to go the extra mile comparing the need to vote for them with Islamic happenings; just like I have seen poets who think poetry is so spiritual that religion is no match for it.

Satan, in the holy Qur'an is an insignificant servant of God who by the virtue of ego and arrogance is at odds with his creator. As the Qur'an verse 17:61-62 says “Behold ! We said to the angels: “Prostrate unto Adam”: They prostrated except iblis(Satan): He said, “Shall I prostrate to one whom thou didst create from clay ?”He said. “Seest thou? This is the one whom thou has honoured above me ! If thou wilt but respite me to the Day of Judgment, I will surely bring his descendants under my say- all but a few”.

Dear El-rufai, has politics or hatred for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to which your party, the APC is also not a better alternative grown above your normal religious sense of reasoning ? Are you not aware that comments such as these are more likely to produce more reigns of insult on Islam and to be seen as adding salt to injury ? Just like I saw on your facebook page someone made a comment “Already Satan doesn't need to convert to Islam because he is already in Islam and the leader of Islam”.

But then,the most worrisome of this scenario is even as you (El-rufai) may possibly just be applying a figure of speech to your SO CALLED POLITICAL SAINT CAREER about defection, are you in anyway trying to MOCK the final order's of ALLAH SWT on Satan ? Who whispers unto mankind urging us not to sin that even the Qur'an Sura 114 Al-Nas, Ayat 1-6 has provided a supplication for mankind, aimed at fighting the attempts of Satan “Say: I seek refuge with the lord and cherisher of mankind, The King (Or ruler) of Mankind, The God (Or judge) of Mankind,- from the mischief of the whisperer (of evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),-(the same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,- among Jinn and Among men.”

So why such comparison with a creature whose ultimate fate is eternal hell-fire just for you to portray your so called party loyalty ?

Even if it is so important to give Nigerians or your followers a Zero Possibility of defecting, why not say things with flavours of common sense like;

“The day I will consider defecting to PDP and still reject it, is when His Royal Highness Sanusi Lamido Sanusi resigns from being the Emir of Kano to contest for the 2015 gubernatorial seat in Kano under the PDP” or better say “I, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai will consider defecting to PDP and still reject it, the day Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan defects to APC to contest as the Governor of Bayelsa State”

You can also say “I will consider defecting to PDP and still reject it, the moment Asari Dokubo slaps Mr. President on National Television during his presidential chat”

The aim at the end of my observation to your carelessness is not to allow the people of Kaduna to make the mistake of voting you in as their forth coming governor because unlike other politicians who admit they came into politics or public service as a dream comes true, you came by an accident.

Since you came by accident instead of you to utilize it for peace, you allowed it get into your head by becoming one of the major troubles not allowing democratic opposition politics to reign. Also, you are one of the major stakeholders instigating religious havoc in a sick country like my Nigeria.

Mai Gemu wrote in from Minna
He tweets @Mr_hodiyo

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