Re: I will decamp when the Devil repents and converts to Islam

Shortly after Nuhu Ribadu decamped to the PDP, somebody on twitter asked Nasir El-Rufai when he'll also decamp from the APC to the PDP, and he said he will decamp when the devil repents. For some obvious reason I had to overlook this statement but knowing who our politicians are, I just can't suppress the urge to say something.

El-Rufai may want to present himself as a principled politician. Suffice it to say he is far from being principled. We all know he was at some point in the PDP. His statements and comments on the person General Buhari remains evergreen and reverberates in high echo. If he can leave the PDP and join the APC, what makes him think the things that chased him from the PDP can't hunt him in the APC?

It is common knowledge that politics in Nigeria is all about interest and not ideology. An endangered interest sent El-Rufai packing from the PDP to CPC and now APC; just like as a bright opportunity to become governor sent Ribadu away from the APC to the PDP. The devil need not repent before defection by politicians occur. Just look for the platform where you feel your interest is secured and guaranteed even if temporal.

Mallam Nasir who at some point said he is not willing to contest for any political post for a long time to come has reneged on that statement and is now eyeing the government house of Kaduna State. Did the devil repent before he capitulated on his earlier stand? He is aware that clinching the ticket in the APC will not be an easy ride for him despite having the backing of General Buhari. There is a great contender for the same ticket in the person of Hon. Isa Mohammed Ashiru, who I hear has the support of former governor of Kaduna State, Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi. Now supposing General Buhari is on the side of Ashiru and El-Rufai is neglected and asked to abandon his gubernatorial ambition, will he not mull jumping to another political party?

Until politicians embrace ideology, disappointments like Ribadu joining the PDP will continue to occur. No politicians in Nigeria is a saint when it comes to defecting. Virtually all of them have defected from one party to the other and hell has not gone cold.

This is not is anyway approving or supporting the defection of our unprincipled politicians and political leaders. But a situation where some politicians will want to play saint is more troubling, especially when you know their hands are equally soiled.

Frank Ijege
[email protected]

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