How Jonathan Is Transforming Nigeria, by NOSDRA Chief


Chairman of the governing board of the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), Major Lancelot Anyanya (rtd.) has hailed President Goodluck Jonathan and said that his exemplary leadership is solving the myriad of problems Nigeria has accumulated for decades.

Anyanya spoke at the weekend after leading a NOSDRA delegation on an inspection of oil spills sites in Omoku, Rivers State.

At the palace of the Oba of Ogba land, His Eminence Eze Chukwuemela Nnam Obi, Anyanya urged Nigerians to support the president's transformation of the people and environment of Nigeria. 

He said: “President Goodluck Jonathan is transforming Nigeria. He is working hard to solve problems the nation has accumulated for decades. Nigeria is changing for the better and in very remarkable ways.” 

Noting that oil spills had caused extensive ecological damage to Omoku and Ogbaland,  the NOSDRA chief thanked President Jonathan for supporting the agency to improve on its community relations with oil producing communities. 

“With the harmful consequences of oil spill it is easy to complain about a lack of resources but the one resource NOSDRA doesn't lack is the support, mandate, charge and express directive of President Goodluck Jonathan,” he noted. 

“Across the Niger Delta, negative medical conditions hitherto unknown to the locality are now being observed due to colossal environmental degradation from oil spills. That is a huge price for anyone to pay for the prosperity that people are enjoying in and out of Nigeria because of our oil.

“President Goodluck Jonathan believes that not even his ambition is worth the blood of any human being and consistent with that belief and philosophy, he deeply believes that no community or individual should suffer any more of those indignities because Nigeria produces crude oil. This is why NOSDRA is engaging with oil producing communities”, stressed Anyanya.

He also praised the Ogba monarch for “forty-four years of exemplary and selfless leadership,” saying the ruler's “good nature” had raised the bar of leadership for successive generations.

Anyanya thanked the monarch for supporting President Jonathan's leadership, and reminded that being from an oil-producing community in the state he understood the price the people of the area are paying for the collective prosperity of Nigeria.

“I recognize the critically of the Ogba community so it is only proper we have come to seek the wisdom and counsel of His Eminence in our quest to work with our brothers and sisters to find answers to the pressing questions of our time in our state. 

“We have visited key stake holders including Nigeria's military service chiefs and security chiefs to deal with aspects of oil spills that have a security dimension. We have also been engaging with the oil producing communities,” remarked Anyanya. 

He listed Governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State as a “very supportive ally” of NOSDRA.

“When oil is spilled, it affects people's health. President Goodluck Jonathan believes that nobody should pay with his or her life for the cost of producing oil and that is why NOSDRA is engaging with oil producing communities. Let us keep ourselves alive. There is no amount of money that is worth your life. When oil spills and we allow it affect our environment, the sicknesses it causes including cancer, all the money in the world cannot cure it. That is the message we should carry to everybody. This is our home. We have no other place to go to. Let us keep it safe for ourselves,” urged Anyanya. 

Responding, the Oba of Ogba land commended the NOSDRA delegation for visiting his kingdom. He  presented Chairman Anyanya with a symbolic leadership  staff of office of the Ogba kingdom.

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