Marylyn Ogar’s Wild Accusations Enough Grounds For Her Removal As Spokesperson Of The State Security Service-By Comrade Eneruvie Enakoko And The Conscience Reports Team!

By Conscience Reports

A thorough investigation and careful analysis of the Osun State gubernatorial elections reveals that the hard won victory of the incumbent governor was not necessarily due to his undisputed grassroots popularity and mobilization skills but a direct result of the trailblazing strategic policy adopted by his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the buildup to the election…

Although the APC lost fairly in Ekiti State where its candidate graciously conceded defeat in an election widely adjudged to be free and credible, it surely didn't want to suffer another loss in a row…The party…moved to the kill and adopted a hoax-like strategy claiming that it had uncovered a plot by the ruling Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) government at the centre to rig the elections in favour of its candidate…but it failed to back up its claims with justifiable evidence.

Yet, it successfully advanced this claim with a powerful media strategy to amplify and trumpet it to blunt a possibly PDP offensive…but with the benefit of hindsight, events after the election have shown otherwise, or how else could one explain the doublespeak of the Department of State Service Spokesperson, Marylyn Ogar, who barely 24hours after the election charged that some politicians tried to bribe the State Security Service to influence the outcome of the election and circumvent the peoples will.

She never mentioned names on her first outburst, but she appeared on Ray Power FM less than 48hours later with a wild allegation that it was the APC that tried to the Department of State Service with N14million; only to appear on Channels Television 24hours later to recount that it was no longer the APC that tried to bribe the Agency.

Which one are we to believe then? How could one take such a person seriously, and pray how such a woman with apparent inept capacity became a spokesperson of the Department of State Service. These wild and unsubstantiated allegations are grounds enough for her removal, arrest and prosecution and we wonder why she has not yet been fired. How could she seriously think that Nigerians will believe the Department of State Service can be bought with a paltry N14million to manipulate and swing a gubernatorial election…More @

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