By Fodio Ahmad (Mai Gemu)
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Kontagora Local Government is the largest in Niger North Senatorial District of Niger state agitating for State 'Kainji State'.

I mean no disrespect but as always my clash of societal issues with 'Kontagorians' is their actions based on misinformation; or rather, ignorance. Step by step my people see pressing issues as what a forum can just handle by holding meetings at the chamber of 'His Royal Highness'. Well, I do not blame them, at least they have in several ways served as a bridge for divine intervention between Kontagorians and Kontagora even better than the Local Government Council Chairman; the who has turned Minna into the state capital of Kontagora.

Is it possible to run administrative affairs of a Local Government Council from the state capital?

It became very necessary for me to briefly say this: the creation of a state even after having all necessary requirements is not like sharing a cake without having knowledge of how a cake is baked. Whatever reason that initially ignited the MOVEMENT OF KAINJI STATE is just a dream meant to achieve some certain motives from behind the curtains of reality.

Why not concentrate on the pipe borne water, electricity,extra moral lessons, and keeping Kontagora alive via updates and leave project 'state creation' alone expect the reason being he wants to enjoy the bus drive and milking process attached to this so called movement.

Kontagora towards creation of Kainji state devoid of sentiments and dreams needs repositioned and elitist solidarity which is the biggest factor missing from the mobilization of such a substantial system. I mean state creation should be more of a broad-based thinking which encompasses same interest aspirations and a common vision through shared values between stakeholders and major stake holders.

Inter-alia, if I can vividly recall reading some of the tangible reasons slated on the proposal before the National Assembly on the need for creation of Kainji state few years ago, I will say economically wise we might be ready but socially, psychologically, culturally and most importantly politically, we are not. Would you believe Kontagora is still playing the politics of 'do or die';while the followership system is so misinformed that we feel we can just insult any politician and go scot free.

Worse still, is the basic fact that we still cannot differentiate between constitutional rights and political favours which clearly explains our un-ripeness. Inter-alia, I know Kontagora is one of the major towns in Niger state but it is not how far, but how well. If you agitate for a state then better provide a working framework postulating the state's pride and stable confidence not some societal growth and development cliché's like complaints that Kontagora lacks good road networks, pipe borne water, and health facilities according to what I read from the words of a lawyer, Lawal Yusuf via a publication of Nigerian Newsworld on Monday 29th October 2012.

Turning the table on Kontagora Emirate Youth Development Association (KEYODA) and Kontagora Frontiers Forum (KFF) was a good idea but the first major mistake was authorizing a movement towards state creation to a community based youth organization.I know the youths in KEYODA are all mature youths by which I mean fathers still youthful at 45 years and above. Now, KFF possibly wants to take over, but what difference will it make ? Aside those live updates from KFF with captions like “PROGRESS IN MOVEMENT OF KAINJI STATE” with which 100 likes will boom the forum's face on Facebook considerably, they are still better than KEYODA who will not even update you at least to ease your tall waits.

So, instead of dragging the interest of Kontagorians spicing it with flavours of hope towards actualizing Kainji State which I am sure you know is a blunt project .Reasons why you feel taking up the project is worth it is what I honestly can't ascertain. It is never too late to evolve new dreams full of humility for our Kontagora.

Kontagora is one place 'Critical Thinking' doesn't exist among the youths. As a matter of fact, if you dare think critically you become an outcast. So,just remain a subject to ELDER'S AUTHORITY.In more ways than one ,whether we like it or not, state creation is not just politics where the majority super rules, it's a 'game of Ludo' where two to four players race their interest collectively and if one among these four ludo players go astray, the need for Kainji state surely stands. I would let the honest critical Kontagorian minds solve the puzzle
Until then I give you SENECA's words as a gift for the new month of August “As the soil, however rich it may be, cannot be productive without cultivation. So the mind without cultivation can never produce good fruits”

Fodio wrote in from minna

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