Governor Elechi Breaks Silence on State Assembly Crisis, Says Nwazunku Remains Speaker

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Ebonyi State Governor, Chief Martin Elechi has broken his three-week silence on the leadership crisis rocking his state House of Assembly, saying Hon. Chukwuma Nwazunku remained the Speaker.

Some members had three weeks ago brushed aside their annual recess, met and announced Nwazunku's removal as Speaker. The lawmakers had appointed Mrs Helen Nwobasi the new Speaker

Elechi, whose wife has been accused of orchestrating the crisis, told reporters Monday that Nwazunku remained Speaker since, according to him, the speaker was never ousted.

Elechi, who met with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) executives, said he and the party leadership were proud of Nwazunku's speakership.

“Exactly three weeks we woke up to hear the purported impeachment of speaker of the our House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Nwazunku.

“Ever since then there has been reactions from all manner of people- from the informed, the uninformed and il informed. We have read from the pages of the newspapers various comments and reactions from so

on and so forth.
Therefore, we as a party, we as a government remained calm and did everything to unravel what led to the alleged impeachment of the speaker”, said the governor.

“We interview both sides and they barred their minds and spoke frankly. On our own part, we believed that the issue that lead to the alleged impeachment of the speaker was not (strong) enough to justify any attempt of impeachment,” continued the governor, stressing, “we are also convinced that the allegations which the members had against him were in all respect improper and unacceptable”.

Added Elechi, “We also realized our duty and obligation to ensure peace in Ebonyi state not of course to deny the right of the Honorable house to change its leadership as at and when it deems necessary.

“But we do not appropriate blames at that stage. We simply met with our elders and principal stake holders in PDP and in executive arm of government by extension the entire Ebonyi state”.

“We also gave room for speculations to know if we are alive to our responsibilities. We have given room as to whether we are capable of holding the state. But these are laughable opposition even though in democracy, you allow all options to prevail because everybody has a right to what he thinks or believes in”.

“Having considered all these and in the interest of justice, peace and fair play to prevail, we as a government, we as a party hereby state and affirm that Right Honourable Chukwuma Nwazunku was never impeached as being alleged. So he remains the Speaker of Ebonyi State Assembly and we shall continue to work with him”, declared the governor.

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