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UBA Non Resident African Banking: Bringing Nigerians Closer Home- by Oscar Nwuke


For Nigerians and indeed Africans in the Diaspora, who owe obligations and responsibilities to their kith and kin back home and have for so long grappled with the tedious challenges of cross- border financing, there is today, something to cheer

about. In spite of the fact that Africa, as yet, relatively lacks the sophistication for optimum, modern day financial service delivery, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) through its people-oriented initiatives has provided the much needed answer to the many recurring questions associated with the security and efficiency of trans-border cash transactions. It came in one product package, the non resident banking account (NRN) for Non Resident Nigerians and other African nationals in the Diaspora. This product simplifies the process of cash transaction across borders and reduces the transaction rigours to that of a mere domestic cash remittance. Relatively stress-free.

The NRN account could be operated within and outside Nigeria. The form could easily be downloaded from the bank's website, filled and posted to the listed address and within days, the account would be up and running.

Non resident banking allows you to conduct financial transactions through the internet and enables you to own and operate a savings or current account without the hassles of third parties.

Beside supporting folks back home, attending to social responsibilities and making capital investments, the NRN would, to a large extent support and promote the fledgling tourism industry in Africa.

With this package, tourists can criss-cross the African continent, traveling light, bearing little cash to choice destinations and yet enjoying the financial strength of their bank accounts.

This will definitely harness the vast tourism potentials of Africa and thus open up the continent for massive capital investments and development.

And of course, the NRN initiative can only be driven by a full-service financial institution offering an array of highly competitive product packages ranging from retail banking, corporate banking to private equity, asset management, stock broking and custodian services. With its total assets in excess of US$15billion and more than 6million customers.

As Africa's global bank, UBA has made in roads across the geo-political divides of the African continent. With its presence firmly established in eight African countries covering the East, West and Central Africa, the UBA is rapidly expanding its frontiers, bringing comprehensive , world class financial services to all the markets it products thrive, with the attendant beneficial impact on their national economies.

As UBA consolidates in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Cote de voire and Sierra Leone, Africans in the Diaspora should embrace the NRN initiative and align themselves to the commitment of the UBA in redefining the banking provisions for non resident Africans.

UBA as a performance-driven financial institution is fiercely customer-sensitive; with result-oriented policy guidelines, tailored to suit the best interest of the customer.

And as the United Bank for Africa continues to raise the bar with their innovative edge, in financial service delivery, it needs no saying that is wise men bank with UBA.

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