Explaining Medicine To Laymen

Medicine accords zero consideration to pecuniary profits for doctors....or his very survival....and assumes that the doctor's humanitarian disposition would be equally reciprocated by an appreciative society. The Physicians Oath begins: "I consecrate my life to the service of humanity.....".

These are serious words! Human life is sacrosanct! Get a copy of this oath and read through....While a pharmacist cocooned in the research lab or the dispensing room may pontificate about "financial figures", a doctor faced with a dying bleeding, convulsive, comatose or moribound patient brooks no such luxury!

As societies do not live up to such level of reciprocity....akin to the days of Hypocrites....gifts....even of food, and common day-to-day items, as they do not treat their businesses with levity but insist on redeeming doctors' debts, a state of financial tilt thus ensues....in favour of the society....to the detriment of the doctor....the thrust of this post!!!

I agree that such professional "burden" may be unrealistic in this day and age....the root of financial frustration to the law-abiding medical cadreļ¼

Dr Tosin Akindele is a Lagos-based medical practitioner and good health advocate

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