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If very men would decide to go for every beautiful woman they see on the road for marriage, how would this life look like? Or as a woman, would you accept your husband bringing in a second wife?

Though in most traditions in Nigeria, some men still accept the belief of marrying more than one wife both the muslims and some Christians. But the question will be, is it right and can you take care of them equally?

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Silvanus, who has been under serious attacks recently for saying she could be a second wife for a married man, has explained that the concept of being a second wife is not a crime.

Nkiru stated that being a second wife was not a crime just that the woman will only get condemned for it and live goes on.

According to her, 'it's all about the woman finding the right man and both parties are willing to accept each other. You can never say never because anything is possible, life is full of surprises. Being a second wife is not a crime, it is not something you do and get condemned for life. If you find the right person and he is married and willing to take you into his home and you are willing to accept the challenges, then why not give it a chance. So if I find myself in that situation where I find a man that I love, appreciate and want to spend the rest of my life with and he is married, I would follow my happiness.'

The actress urged people not to discriminate women who are ready to be second wife to any man because their situation was better known by them than outsiders.