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By Elizabeth Archibong
March 25, 2010 03:13AM
The governor of Kaduna State, Namadi Sambo, has endorsed the list of ministerial nominees sent to the Senate by Acting President Goodluck Jonathan for confirmation.

Speaking to reporters at the presidential villa after a private meeting with the acting president, he said the selection was satisfactory and added that, “Now, the administration will be able to have new ministers that will proceed with the necessary actions to run the country” .

Mr. Sambo said, “honest dedicated, patriotic Nigerians are being considered now, from the list I have seen. I have read also in the papers about 25 of the former ministers are still coming back, which is part of the movement and actions that will move the country forward”.

The governor agreed that most governors were consulted and contributed to the selection process. Curiously, no nominee on the list sent to the Senate is from Kaduna State.

When asked how he has managed to sustain peace in his state, where there used to be sectarian crises, he said, “We must first of all thank God for allowing peace to continue in Kaduna State but the essence here is that, Kaduna State government is being very fair to all parties in the state.”