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Nigerians In Mali Want Ambassador Sacked

By Nigerians In Mali

'An ambassador is a VIP, which is supposed to project, promote and defend the interest of his country, and its nationals. '

With reference to your letter EMB/NIM/M28 dated 3th June 2014, sub titled The Need for a Disciplined Community. Having gone through your four (4) page , 13 paragraphed letter, supposedly meant but failing l to address the impasse between you, the Ambassador, community leaders, and the Nigerian public, this letter did not come as a surprise to us from an undemocratic and unpatriotic civil servant, who openly has shown hatred to a democratically elected institution as NIDO - Mali Chapter and Nigerian community leaders that were democratically elected and as well showing open hatred to the democratic government of our host country, showing sympathy rather towards the rebels of Northern Mali.

The new embassy at Hamdallaye ACI 2000 Bamako, to which much has been spent and handed over to you, with a mandate to move the embassy to this new structure since 2013 till date nothing have happen to that effect rather the embassy complex has eventually turn to home of rodents, reptiles, and birds of all species with the paintings wearing off due to lack of maintenance and unused, this building has remain an eye saw to the committee of nations; coming from Africa most populous and strongest economy.

We repeat here once again, how and what happened to the $500,000.00 security fund allocated to Nigerians in Mali, during the crises period? We have it authoritatively that same amount was allocated to embassies in Central African Republic, sudan and Guinee Bissau and equally distributed to the department responsible for Diasporas in crises zone through the consular department, community leaders and Nido chapter. Where then is the money for Mali?, we demand the federation to not only remove Ambassador Iliya Ali Duniya Nuhu and Mr. Lawrence, but that they should both be investigated by EFFC over the disappearance of the security fund.

We had for long waited patiently hoping for a change from you, rather you have resort to act of Intimidating leaders of the communities, through your employ of the services of security agents to muscle Nigerians, while at the same time blackmailing the community leaders.

Our simple refusal to be part of your team to help embezzle funds meant for infrastructural development and security of Nigerians from the federation allocations has netted us your bitter self, any way we are ready and willing to bear the brunt of our refusal.

We do not want to remind you of what your role is supposed to be in the scope of things, you are a social welfare officer, charged with the responsibility of seeing to Nigerians Diasporas in Mali , your failure at realising this is a clear indication of your total failure in the discharge of your duty as an envoy of the Federal government of Nigeria, and a very clear reason for your failure in the secretary General examination a clear answer too to the question asked you in your office by a community leader in late 2012 ,' that why do federal Government always post to Mali personals that are on industrial attachments for training here in Mali rather than seasoned carrier diplomats?

You have actually proven yourself as one of the trainees, in such a sensitive location as Mali not the carrier diplomat you claimed.

We have watched with kin interest, how you have turn our Embassy into a personal enterprises, rather than being a home away from home to Nigerians, it has turn to a house of

confusion, a dysfunctional establishment, where things run anti clockwise, where Malians' young girls are more welcome than a Nigerian that is seeking for assistance.

In our previous publication, we spoke about you and senior minister consular Mr. Lawrence total negligence of your supposed responsibilities, which incidentally target Nigerians as your premier responsibility, we would like to know,' if the federal government, ministry of external affairs, the committee on Diaspora or Ministry of diaspora, directive to our Embassy includes',

1. That Nigerians in need of assistance should be locked outside the Embassy premises, if not why were two Edo/delta girls and a Yoruba boy that ran to the Embassy for succour on 24 May 2014 locked outside, until the intervention of Community leaders on 29th May 2014.

These needy persons, knowing that Nigeria was represented here in Mali, challenged their traffickers and ran to you for protection, you abandoned them outside for five days, without a care in the world if they die under the mango tree, that it took the kind hearted police on guide at the embassy to feed these children that could have been your children's age mates, yet you drove in and out of the premises everyday looking the other way.

If as stated in your letter to communities in paragraph 6: 'the ambassador has initiated measures to position the Embassy to perform and deliver on its mandate, both to our government and its citizens 'Nigerians being denied the vital identification system by you and same time accused as criminal in Mali - part of 'repositioning to deliver'?

Is locking Nigerian community leaders and Nigerians outside the Embassy and accusing them of being members of Boko Harams part of the same directives from the federal government of Nigeria?

If as an ambassador of the federal Republic of Nigeria and you sees Boko Haram members, what would be the right reaction, same as stated above or get them arrested, rather than lock them outside the embassy premises.

Is the Ambassador's wife being chauffeured to the market in the ambassador's official car with the flag flouting been positioned to deliver?

How about the visit of the personal assistant (P.A) to the president of Federal Republic of Nigeria, while the Ambassador was on one of his usual business trip abroad?

Why did Madame hijack the ambassador official car, which was used for the VIP, why was it hijacked from the Minister consular that was on official duty before the international press at the airport? Rudely abandoning the Consular Minister at the airport, this leaves the question as to who the official ambassadorial portfolio was for, Madame or Mr. Ambassador or is the action of madam part of repositioning the Embassy to function like it has never done.

We the community leaders share the school of thought that 'there should be a great distention between official and family issues, that official privileges should not be abused nor used to intimidate others'.

The 2013 Ramadan festival was a clear case of embezzlement, where the sum of $38,000:00 was spent on 5 he goats (Rams) and 4 cows, meant as gifts for Malians government officials and possibly the communities,, eventually only one cow and a Ram was given to the Hausa Community while others was returned for cash. We were informed that the animals' contract was handled by Madame herself the Ambassador's wife, and the actual cost of the purchase made was valued at only $3000, where then was the balanced 35,000 USD?

It was a surprise seeing you at the ceremonial handover of the 6 (Six) APC vehicle to the government of Mali, we wonder what was your mind, knowing that the vehicle was meant to help combat those you sympathise with i.e. REBELS.

We have had other ambassadors since the creation of Nigeria Mali chancellery, each with his own quality, but we presently sees your contribution towards projecting and upholding the national integrity as a great mistake from those that nominated you for this enviable position as Nigeria's number one man in Mali. In this light :-


We want to draw inspiration from article 7(seven) of your letter, where you accused the community leaders of exploitation, it will be interesting to know what the current price for Nationality and other documents are, at this we will be able to measure the level of exploitation, the community leaders, which you cannot deny the fact runs their community at their expense, after you have created a furrow, by your using the past president of NIDO to create disintegration within the community thereby giving you rooms to manoeuvre and exploit the revenue, and allocations to the embassy.

The infiltration and adulteration of the card identity system was because you encourage it, your withdrawal of the issuance of consular card, to discredit the good work of others gave rooms to what we have today with you and traffickers as beneficiaries of your adopted system.

Conclusively, We will want to point to the fact that, you cannot achieve whatever your aims without collectively reaching out to the grass root, in this case the communities, the simple economic principal of productivity, teaches about division of labour , but your education has a different touch, which in the modern dispensation does not function in that light, the fact is that you can only but play your role, the embassy is an institution with different department, you cannot stop the wheel of progress, by instituting that you have to be waited for each time you are out on a personal/private or family business trip abroad; no, a functional institution does not function in that manner.

As an carpenter, carpenter well, as a doctor, doctor well as an ambassador, handle your job well, or resign and face your trading properly.