Osun Poll: State Economy Will Receive ''Boost'' From Presidency—Hon Makinde

By Ayodele Bayode

I am utterly abashed by the feelers currently emanating from State of Osun ahead of the August 9, 2014 guber poll. I found it most ridiculous and also as slap on our revered and cherished traditional institution as we were told that plans are already hatched by the PDP aspirant with the support of presidency to induce over 200 Obas with millions of naira in the State with the intent to subvert the will of the people.

As a progressive mind and optimist, I expect this sad story of impending visit of the president with intention to arrive Osun with billions of dollars to remain a rumour, if not this despicable act will certainly desecrate the premium placed on our highly respected traditional rulers. This is absolutely disheartening and its unfortunate to see it happening in South-West that is considered as the home of civilization, decency and where integrity are not compromised and traditional rulers are living gods.

The foreseen consequences of these shenanigans by these desperadoes are sobering. Nigeria is doomed with significant corruption risks, where our value system no longer exist, particularly at the intersection of politics so to say. The current system allows for undue influence and wrongful conduct, while avoiding public scrutiny.

The ongoing financial malapropism in the polity has brought into stark relief the price of complacency about graft in Nigeria. What is required is concerted action backed by firm political commitment, the Nigerian masses must rise above stomach infrastructure. In building on promising practices and providing citizens with oversight and voice, the mistakes of the past can be avoided and ultimately a cleaner Nigeria can emerge.

For every discerning mind Rauf Aregbesola is the man of the people, chosen by God, his re-election is settled irrespective of money politics as displayed by PDP.


Hon Rotimi Makinde,
Representing Ife Federal Constituency