Why Iwu must go-by Joe Igbokwe

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"If you want outstanding results then you need good people with great talents and awesome attitudes" - John Maxwell On page 120 of Bob Harrison's Book: Power Points For Success, I read a story that backs the cry for Professor Maurice Iwu to be removed as INEC Chairman in order to kick-start the process of totally reforming our electoral system for the good of the commonwealth. Here is the story:

A carpenter stumbled on scaffolding and fell onto a co-worker who was using a nail gun. As the two fell to the ground, the man's nail gun began to fire, hitting the other carpenter six times in the head. Over several days of operations, doctors were able to remove all the nails. In order to avoid a fatal infection, the nails in the man's head had to be removed. There is a different kind of 'infection' that can be set into Churches, clubs, businesses, and families - and it may also be "fatal." It is the negative attitude of an employee or member.

This kind of infection normally begins when someone within the organization, group, or relationship becomes upset by some other member's actions or a perceived injustice. Instead of giving the situation time to change or correct itself, the disgruntled individual begins to manifest his or her negative feelings through criticism, disrespect, pouting, temper tantrums, or hostility. If not handled quickly and properly, this negative attitude can spread to others in the group, business, or family. If left untreated, this "infection" can be harmful to harmony and unity.

Best-selling author John Maxwell teaches, "What starts as a bad attitude in one or two people can make a mess of the situation for every one. Bad attitudes must be addressed. They will always cause dissension, resentment, combativeness, and division. And they will never go away on their own. They will simply fester and ruin the team". He also says, "if you leave a bad apple in a barrel of good apples, you will always end up with a barrel of rotten apples."

Iwu-led INEC has done an incalculable damage to our electoral process that his continued stay in office can lead this country to war. From Enugu to Awka, from Port Harcourt to Cross River, from Ogun State to Imo, from Ekiti to Osun, from Kogi to Sokoto etc, the story has been the same - electoral fraud all the way. Irresponsible and primitive action of one man can lead a nation to war. I remind Nigerians once again of the story of how two gun shots fired in Sarajevo by a school boy, Gevrilo Princip, 19, was what killed Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife, Archduchess Sophie on June 28, 1914; and then the enmity between Austria-Hungary and Serbia escalated into World War 1. Out of the 65 million young men who were sent out to the battlefields, some nine million never returned. When civilian casualties are included, a total of 21 million persons were killed. Some still talk about the outbreak of that war in August 1914 as the time when "the world went mad". The two gunshots from that schoolboy had set the whole world on fire and ushered in a period of violence, confusion, and disillusionment that has continued in Yugoslavia to this day. Those who are putting up the lame duck arguments that the removal of Iwu has nothing to do with our electoral reform process cannot figure it out, they can't get it, and it is a tunnel view. They are criminal beneficiaries of the flawed electoral process. Professor Maurice Iwu does not have the character, the right attitude, the temperament to handle this delicate and very important job of conducting a free and fair elections and to all intents and purposes he should be dispensed with.

Ngwuta's Appeal Court in Enugu said in its judgment on Andy Ubah's 'Governor in waiting' fraud that the conduct of April 14, 2007 governorship elections in Anambra State was an illegality because there was no vacancy in the first place, and Iwu knew all this and yet went ahead to conduct the so-called elections. Iwu set a time table for February 6 governorship elections in Anambra State and yet went ahead to ask INEC lawyers to put their weight behind Nnamdi Ubah's so-called 'Governor in waiting' brigandage. I can go on and on to give 20 reasons why Iwu should be kicked out of INEC but the evidences are there for all to see. Nigeria is confronted with the urgency of now not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year to do away with Iwu as INEC Chiarman. Iwu cannot give what he does not have.

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