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Timaya Silence Fan After Describing Him As Uncivilized

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Dem Mama Record's boss, Enetimi Alfred Odom better known as Timaya, is not smiling with any one that tends to cross his way as the artiste is trying to keep a low profile while working on his music career.

The artiste who just released a new dancehall video to is song 'Sanko,' has hit back on a fan who attempted to insult him on his social media page after he posted a clip of the new video.

The fan by the name omg_itsjohnkennedy, took to his social media page to drop an annoying comment about Timaya whom he described as not been civilized.

Here is the comment below;

'omg_itsjohnkennedy, I thought ur civilized and matured now I see wtf do u fink am lacking huh? By the way how much do u fink u ve that is goten ur head swollen? I just gave you an advise that you are better that this for example ur old tracks like ogologo mma,chineke me eh,and dem mama made a very great wave and impact in people's lives and it gave a reasonable messages which even made me ur no1 fan then but since you started singing nonsense like sexy ladies,and ukwu,and this ur useless new sanko now and even bum bum men I removed my eyes on u,bro am saying ur talented u can do better than this I swear trust me, me even my head is been cut of I keep saying the truth cos its the life thanks @timayatimaya,' he concluded.

Meanwhile, Timaya who is always active on his page, could not hold back his opinion as he immediately replied his hater to behave himself before he could listen to his opinion.

Here is Timaya's reply;
'timayatimaya @omg_itsjohnkennedy when u stop lacking then I will listen to u but for now shut up.'

Here is a picture of the hater with the name 'omg_itsjohnkennedy' below;