Fasheun: A Paid PDP Hireling —APC

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Fasheun: A Paid PDP Hireling —APC
Fasheun: A Paid PDP Hireling —APC
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The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has described the statement credited to Dr. Fredrick Fasheun that the Fashola administration is exploiting Lagosians as not only ludicrous but also the best advertisement for the politics of the highest bidder which Fasheun has been known for.

It said that the administration and indeed the past administration in Lagos have recovered Lagos and made it the last bastion of hope in a decaying Nigeria that has been turned into a vast wreckage by the corrupt and incompetent leadership of the PDP.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party described Fasheun as a 'food is ready politician' whose selfish interest always overrides his self vaunted commitment to the common good.

It says that if Fasheun could twist the achievements of Lagos State government in the past sixteen years and could see it as exploitation, then he cannot ever change in his well known predilection for self fending.

“It is a pity that Fasheun is resorting to subterfuge and pretensions for the common man to further the contract he has for PDP. It is a pity that Fasheun is still playing 'okada politics' when Lagosians have moved on with the laudable positive impacts okada restriction on some major highways has wrought, in the area of reduction of crime and accidents. Perhaps, Fasheun in his paid mischief, does not know that whereas the PDP government he works for outrightly banned okada in Abuja and more than fifteen states they control, thereby pushing them to Lagos, the Lagos State government has been accommodating enough to limit them to inner city roads and off major highways. We wonder why Fasheun is not concerned that the PDP from whom he collects mouth watering contracts continue to push the victims of its poverty generation governance to Lagos to cater for.

“We know that Fasheun is yet to clear the air on the contract he solicited from the Jonathan government. Whenever he opens his mouth, we see PDP talking as Fasheun hides under the shadows to do PDP's political biddings. We know that his so called party is a boneless and malleable façade for the PDP's desperate mission to take over the South West and no more. What baffles us is that Fasheun does not find it worthwhile situating his real mission with the mischievous pretension about the good of Lagosians. That Fasheun is lionizing the shameful PDP's politics of poverty, rice and kerosene, amala and gbegiri in Ekiti and employing same as a lesson to APC shows the decadence of Fasheun and the dirty interests he serves.”

APC further stated: “It is apparent that Fasheun's primary focus these days is to find fault with anything APC to please his paymasters in PDP. We wonder why Fasheun is not seeing anything wrong with the bizarre depletion of national resources through stealing and looting. We wonder why Fasheun is not seeing the impunity and wanton aggression being laundered all over Nigeria by the PDP and the Jonathan government. Is his deafness to these borne by his desire to see his master conquer all the available spaces and lease some to people like him to exploit?

“We wonder why Fasheun sees everything wrong with the APC but never sees anything wrong with the PDP government both in the states and the centre. We wonder why Fasheun is not concerned about the level of poverty in Nigeria, which has reached a critical stage, why he is not seeing anything wrong with the level of unemployment in Nigeria that has reached a deadly level. We wonder why Fasheun has not weighed in on the concern for insecurity, infrastructural decay that has been the cornerstone of the PDP misrule for the past fifteen years. Fasheun cannot see that all federal roads in Lagos are death traps, redeemed only by the intervention of the Fashola government, while he will cry blue murder that the road to his toilet is not being built by the APC. This is sheer hypocrisy, informed by Fasheun's self interest, which is today catered for by the rouge PDP government.

“It is so sad that Fasheun chooses to be blind to the poverty distribution policies of the Jonathan government, which has made massive looting and impunity the cornerstones of its policy but rather finds fault with every policy of a Lagos State government that carries the burden of unemployment and poverty imposed by the PDP and the Jonathan government. Left to people like Fashola, the Lagos State government may well be responsible for the 125 million poor people in Nigeria, according to World Bank statistics. We challenge Fasheun to tell his followers what he had said in recent times against the purloining of the treasury which is responsible for the geometric growth of poverty in Nigeria for the past sixteen years.

“We are not surprised about Fasheun's antics. Here was a man that worked for Obasanjo when the Obasanjo regime was at its bestial best. Here was a man that had been chummy to the Jonathan mistake of a regime just because it satisfies his personal interests. Here is a man that enlisted to campaign for the alleged killer of Kudirat Abiola, Hamza Al Mustapha, at a time many South Westerners still recall with bitterness the role he played in decimating not only the Abiola family, his businesses and prominent South Westerners but also dragged Nigeria down the rubbles. Here was a man whose selfish desires led to the division of the OPC. He is still at his element and he is now on the beck and call of the PDP.

“We want to let Fasheun know that Lagosians know his antics and those of his paymasters. We will not have anything against him if he comes out in his real colours as one of the footsoldiers of the PDP in its desperate bid to ward off rustication after sixteen years of total wreckage. Lagos has moved on and will never ever regress to the dungeon from where the APC has rescued it in sixteen years of result oriented leadership.”

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