By MATHEW obaro
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Prophets have been a medium of communication between GOD and mankind according to the Old Testament in the Bible. They have ability of knowing the present, past and future events i.e. they have the ability of knowing what is God's opinion about any situation to mankind.

From the Biblical perspective, prophets of God are always a mouthpiece of God and they have been a point of communication between the people of God of old.

But today in our present dispensation, the reverse is the case.

For example, if we consider prophets of the old like Samuel, Daniel, Elijah and Elisha etc; Giving by God to the people, they always act as means of communication to the children of God when there is calamity in the land. They seek the face of God through consulting the prophet of that time to know God's opinion about situation of things before embarking on it.

Today in our present day light, the prophet of God “T.B JOSHUA” given to us by God has not been utilized to his fullest as a precious gift to mankind in our own time. He should be listened to, but today they neglect his presence to us all. Instead of accepting and appreciating him as a vital tool to our generation, they criticize him and through that they are blaspheming against God. Many people especially in the country of Nigeria (where he's from), have no regards for him. As it has been said that “a king is never honored in his own land, (country)”.

For instance, the situation that happened of recent, when the prophet of God gave a prophecy concerning the Nigerian U-20 team in the just concluded world cup in Egypt to seek the face of God and to receive the grace before the competition commenced properly ,but the coach, Samson Siasia neglected him and at the end, he performed woefully. But the Ghanaian U-20 team coach confided in the prophet and everything he told him to do. He did what was God's opinion about the situation of the team. At the end, everything came to pass and they won the trophy.

This is because the coach listened to him with all his heart. Sometimes we can listen to him, but don't take the necessary precautions to avert the situation at that time. God in all ages has spoken through prophets so we can know this mind and usefulness of his mouthpiece to mankind. But why neglect, criticize and blaspheme in our own time?

If the world in our present time could learn to appreciate and accept the man of God “T.B JOSHUA” as a mouthpiece of God, I think God can speak his mind through him as a tool in solving problems for mankind in this present generation.

Even the greatest of all “economic problems” the whole world is facing today, can be resolved through the mouthpiece of God, T.B JOSHUA of our time. If prophets can tell the minds of God and also give what is God's opinion about a situation and can see what the future holds, then why can't this economic situation be averted through him?

Evidently, it is high time we consider him as the world's most valuable tool to mankind in this our present dispensation. If only and only we can give him a little trail than criticizing him, the better our country will be.

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