Stop Deceiving Nigerians, Imo Youths Tell Samuelson Iwuoha

By Imo Advancement Innitiative
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A group of Imo citizens under the umbrella of Imo Youths Alliance, has cautioned Mr. Samuelson Iwuoha, to desist from disinforming and manipulating unsuspecting members of the public over his self inflicted ordeal at the state Police headquarters, Owerri, for alleged culpable homicide.

The group said who said they were very annoyed with the lies and propaganda Samuelson Iwuoha has been peddling against the police and some politicians in the state, with claims that they have connections with his ordeals, also wondered why Samuelson Iwuoha should be calling on Nigerians now that his initial calls on Imolites and Human Rights activists who stormed the state from all parts of the country to discover that the situation on ground was not a human right abuse, but a pure case of culpable homicide which made them leave the state angrily, thus accusing Mr. Iwuoha of deceit which they claimed made them to lose their money and time.

Mr. Iwuoha, who was recently arrested by the Police and has been undergoing interrogations after a young man was killed at his Ikenegbu residence, Owerri by members of his cult group, in his earlier statements insisted that the killing had nothing to do with him and his family, as he alleged that the act was carried out outside his residence.

In apparent bid to deceive the police and the unsuspecting members of the public, reports have it that Mr. Iwuoha hurriedly changed his initial statement which was intended to attract public sympathy and further tarnish the image of his perceived enemies, upon discovering that the police had discovered that the killing took place at his premises.

According to the Police preliminary investigative report, it was discovered from his (Iwuoha) neighbours that the crime was actually committed at his compound, which further investigations by the Police after breaking into his compound, revealed that splashes of blood which marched with the blood of the deceased after autopsy reports, were spotted around his compound and his bedroom, a development which Mr. Iwuoha, tried to conceal by locking up his premises.

However, rising after its emergency meeting in Owerri, yesterday, and in response to his (Mr. Iwuoha) latest statement that the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu, in collusion with other security Personnel had perfected plans to kill him while in detention, the youths Alliance, through its publicity Secretary, Mr. Chinedu Obioma, however chided Mr. Iwuoha for his continued deceit and warned him to refrain from tarnishing the image of notable Imo Sons and daughters, but allow the security agencies who are on investigation to do their job.

He said that the people of the state were already tired of his persistent deceit and blackmail as his current allegations could be traced to earlier ones he made against former Governor Ikedi Ohakim and others which he later apologized and attributed it to the handiwork of his political paymasters.

According to Mr. Obioma, "Samuelson Iwuoha should please refrain from taking the intelligent people of Imo State for a ride. How can we take a man serious who could lay accusation against others, but fail to substantiate it? How can we take Iwuoha serious when it is obvious he is being used by politicians to peddle lies against their opponents? Why is Mr.Iwuoha, also talking about non- existent EFCC petition against the Speaker, after confessing in a recorded conversation that he never submitted any petition, because he knew that based on his antecedents and the unfounded nature of his petitions, the commission will not take him serious. Mr. Iwuoha should please allow us some breath of fresh air," he said.

The youth Alliance, however attributed Mr. Iwuoha's predicaments to his association with a cult group, which according to reports had provided his house as a gathering point for members of his cult group in Owerri, and had in several occasions owned up to its membership of a cult group known as the Norse Men Club (Vikings Confraternity), a group which earlier issued a release in a page 12 of the Nigerian Horn advertorial of July 9-10, calling for his release. A page 12 advertorial of Nigerian Horn Newspaper of July 9-10, 2014

In their statement, the youths further querried: "If Samuelson is not a cultist, what were cult members doing in his private residence to warrant a shoot out? Or did any of the individuals he has been mentioning, encourage him to run a drinking bar at his residence which served as a notable meeting point for a particular cult group in Owerri? He once made it known that it was due to his connections with cult groups that he was able to save Mr. Speakers job when he was his Aide. This same Samuelson was recorded in a telephone conversation which was also broadcasted in major radio stations in the state, where he told the Speaker's Aide that all his allegations against the Lawmaker were fabricated. Can you now tell us why we should take this kind of man serious?" the statement retorted.

The youths further observed that after Samuelson arrest, residents of his street along Ikenegbu axis have leaved a sigh of relief as cultists have ceased from terrorizing people around the area.

They however called on the security agencies handling the matter to expedite action in their investigation to unravel those and circumstances behind the killing.

The group condemned Mr. Iwuoha's antics which it described as a bad precedence in our emerging democracy and expressed dismay on how a dreaded cult group could summon the courage of calling a newspaper advert for the release of its member.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Mr. Samuelson Iwuoha, has instructed his family to call for a truce with the deceased family to pave way for his release.