Amb. Sobomabo Jackrich (Egberipapa) Storms Degema LGA Sensitizing For President Jonathan And Kalabari Governor For R/S

By Anderson Hart
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In continuation of his sensitization campaign across the three Kalabari local government areas in Rivers state for President Goodluck Jonathan, and in pursuit of the Kalabari project for governor come 2015, legendary Kalabari freedom fighter, Amb. Gen Sobomabo Jackrich for two days stormed the historic Degema Local government area on the 11th and 12trh of July 2014.

The two day sensitization tour carried out under the aegis of Kengema unity forum (KUF) flagged off on the 11thof July 2014 from the Bukuma community in ward 15. On arrival a large crowd had been waiting in anticipation of their arrival. His eventual entry can best be described as the triumphant entry into Bukuma.. The Chiefs, Elderly, Women, Youths among others were on hand to pledge their solidarity after listening to a well articulated presentation by the ax warlord.

In his remark earlier, he had urged the people not to relent in giving President Goodluck Jonathan the support needed to come back for a second term so as to continue his transformation agenda which has changed the face of leadership and development in the country.

Next in line was Ward 17 in Ogruama old Bakana before he later did a marathon on Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Bakana. Amazingly the turn out in the various Bakana community and wards were monumental. He had used the opportunity to urged them to buy into the Kalabari project, according to him, this has become imperative to achieve the cardinal objective of enthroning a Kalabari man as governor.

Hear him,'Unity is our message in Kengema Unity forum and we are passionate to achieve our vision of uniting Kalabari people because we know that unity is a massive weapon that encompasses other things and that is a very significant weapon to achieving the Kalabari Dream. The Kalabaris have paid their dues and contributed immensely to socio-economic growth of Rivers state, it will not amount to asking too much if we plead with our brothers in other ethnic groups to support our genuine quest laced in equity, justice and fair play' he said.

Day two started on a brighter note with visits to the ancient town of Bille Kingdom in ward 16. It was succeeded by visits to Degema Consulate ward 11, Degema Atala ward 12, Degema Usokun in ward 13 and Obuama, Harry's town in ward 14.

In each of these visits Jackrich also known as Egberipapa's message was concise and was laced in his passion for President Jonathan's return. He had urged all Niger Delta sons and daughters to support Mr. President in the quest for his re-election. He also advocated support for his administration as they strive to pilot the affairs of this nation in these trying times when the country is faced with multiple challenges of terrorism, conspiracy, betrayals and bitter ethnocentric/religious politics brought about by some evil and extreme forces unhappy with the government with a view to discredit and bring his government down at all cost..

The KUF leader observed that it is the first time in the history of Nigeria that a minority from the south-south is assuming the position of a President, but lamented the unfortunate brazen attempts to denigrate the sanctity of governance. However, even in the face of fierce opposition he was quick to commend the President Jonathan led government for performing better than any of the country's successive government put together.

He said we must give kudos to this ijaw son for standing firm and resolute in the face of this evil orchestration and devilish machinations of unpopular opposition.

Amb Sobomabo Jackrich (a.k.a Egberipapa) thanked the Degema people for turning out en masse and assured them that better times are ahead with the re-election of Jonathan and emergence of a Kalabari Governor.