Osun: No Work Yet for Tertiary Institutions' Academic Staff

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The Osun APC government's claim that academic work will resume in the four Tertiary Institutions in the State on Monday is false.

While it is true that the non-academic staff have agreed to call off their own strike, the academic staff are yet to resolve their differences with the government. Without the academic staff there cannot be academic activities in the Institutions.

At their last meeting with the Governor last Saturday, (5/07/2014) lasting six hours (11 pm-5 am), the Lecturers stood their ground insisting that the government must remit their pension arrears( already deducted from their salaries) of almost N400million as well as pay its counterpart portion of equal amount, before work could resume.

Governor Aregbesola begged and cajoled the Lecturers to change their mind but met a brick wall. Out of frustration, he said to them ” if I don't get re- elected, I will not die”. He posited further that, after all, Ayo Fayose was removed from Office and in seven years he is back to the same office”.

A notable Kabiyesi in which one of the Tertiary Institutions had earlier agreed to broker a truce between the Governor and the Lecturers failed woefully.

The Academic Staff frowned at the attitude of government of settling Project Contractors while relegating the welfare and future well being of its workers to the background.