Taraba State And The Monstrous Character Of The Acting Governor

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John Akevi
For some time now,I had been following the trajectory in Taraba State

where a certain character called Alh. Garba Umar a.k.a UTC who

suddenly found himself in power and allowed himself to be eaten up by

the power. He deemed the state treasury as free fund to buy and bribe

newspaper houses and editors to write flattering report about his

government. He deemed self as the best thing that ever happened to

Taraba State and urged hordes of sycophants he recruited into his

government to sing his praises. His action left no one guessing what

he intended to do with the power that never belonged to him in the

first instance.
One day, Alh.Garba Umar looks himself in the mirror and addresses

himself as the “INFANTILE LEADER” of Taraba State and therefore, above

being corrected. He sees himself as the new emperor of the State. Who

so ever that crosses his path is dealt with squarely. Any body that

opposses his wicked policies losses his investment. Any body that

challenges his inhuman actions crushed to death. Any one who reveals

his criminal tendencies is treated with scorn. This INFANTILE LEADER

in the past Twenthy months in office metamophose in to a MONSTER. As

a monster,Alh. Garba Umar is now the agent of the devil. Since

then,Taraba state has now been turned into a gigantic abattoir were

citizens are being slaughtered on slabs like aninals,while the

Jezebelic government looks on with impotence. Under his leadership

Taraba state has become a lawless jungle were the basic laws of

preservation are constantly being violated. Taraba State is in the

state of a coma. The monster has attacks the blessing of the people of

the state without mercy. He has taken the people of the state from

riches to poverty. He has turned the people of the state from good

health to perfect infirmity. There is crisis every where. The level

of poverty is unprecedented.This monster behind the wheel of

leadership in Taraba state hates seeing people rejoice. He rejoice and

celebrate when the people of God are weeping and complaining. He has

forced the good people of Taraba state to groan under his jezebelic

leadership. His short history tell us that UTC has a knack to pounce

on people with differed opinion from his with an overwhelming ferocity

and ease. He could humiliate any personalities and whip journalist and

activists without a slightest remose. Yet the monster look himself in

the mirror again and says to himself “I am not accountable to any one”

and I must get elected into the office in 2015 even if the people

perished. The monster had a total believe in the bunch of

unscrupulous individuals who formed the nucleous of his government.

People like; Abubakar Dauda Jen,Kwetaka Danfulani,Mr Orbee Uchiv,Barr.

Sam Ada,Ahmed Yusuf,Mr Jerry Manwe,Hassan Bappa,Marafa Abba,Garvey

Yawe,Abas Njida,Alh.Sintali,Ahijo Musa,Josiah Kente,Dr Agbedyeh among

others. However,the monster never know that these people are

sycopants. He never know that they are bootlickers. He never know that

they are food is ready politicians. Having realised that he has

nothing with which he can ask for votes in 2015,UTC has grown so

desperate that he can kill to come back to power. His desperation is

gething deadly by the day. He finds out that the heavy inducement he

dolse out to newspapers and editors is yelding dwindling results as he

quarrels with more newspapers and editors who come in contact with the

fact that the monster has no single project to advertise after nearly

two years in office.
This is why the people have returned to God to destroy this monster

troubling them. Conversely,the monster is a satanic stronghold that

must be pulled down.
Nevertheless,the Almighty God open the windows of heaven and saw the

treachery of Alh. Garba Umar against the people of Taraba state. And

God nodded his head and said “Disaster will over take this man.

Calamity will fall upon your way this time around. Catasstrophe will

arise so fast that Umar will not know what hit him. For I am the lord

who created this earth. For what comes out of my mouth must not return

to me unfulfilled. There is no peace for the wicked nor hidding place.

I the lord God Almighty,am against you because the cries and suffering

of the good people ofTaraba State have reached me. Eventhough you have

Commissioners,SSA,Corrupt traditional rulers are with you,Discredited

elders are with you, Bootlickers/sycophants and even Almajiris are

together with you. But I the lord God Almighty am against you.Let the

people who are with you stand up and save you from this calamity.

After this final verdict from the lord,I shed hot tears for Acting

Governor Umar because he is on his way to Golgotha. A topic for anothe

I rest my pen for now.
John Akevi
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