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How To Become A Skillful Wife

skillful wife
skillful wife

To be a skillful woman in the bedroom, you must be a woman who satisfies her husband continually throughout your marriage, no matter your age or situation.

One major thing that affects sex and determines if the woman will reach orgasm is the situation of the vagina, whether it is loose or firm. Is the vagina firm enough to grip the penis as couples make love or is it loose to the extent that the man doesn't feel its touch on his penis?

After child birth, a woman's vagina can be so loose that it will not be able to give satisfying sex to the man and help the woman to reach orgasm. This is dangerous as it affects the marital life of the couples negatively because the man does not find fulfillment in the woman. He may seek the fulfillment outside the home, thereby affecting his relationship with God and his wife.

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Secrets of  an Irresistible Wife
Instead of giving room for your man to go to younger ladies for sexual enjoyment, work on yourself and get better.

You can do this by undergoing a vagina exercise, generally known as Kegel exercise or p.c. exercise (p.c. Of pubococcygeus). The Kegel exercise was discovered by Dr. Arnold H. Kegel in 1940 and it is generally acceptable worldwide for its simplicity and effectiveness.


(a)     It improves a woman's body for child birth.

(b)    It prevents a woman from losing control of urination as she grows older.

(c)     Helps in reduction of back aches.
(d)    It tightens the vagina and prevents the penis from being loose and penetrating freely in the vagina.

(e)     Helps the woman to experience a better sensation when the penis is inside her vagina.

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