FORT HOOD ARMY BASE TRAGEDY...How TB Joshua was Involved.

By Amita Jones
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America, and indeed the world at large, woke up with a rude shock and awakening; news of the tragedy that occurred at the fort hood army base had been broadcasted worldwide. It has been some days after, but did America and American ever knew that somebody somewhere, who is the creator of the universe had seen the event beforehand and directed his mouthpiece, a prophet to speak to the America and warn her of the tragedy forthcoming?

During a recent Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke forth a prophetic message concerning an event that would take place in a super nation, at a place bearing the name, 'Fort'. These were his words:

“What's happening here is a blessing to the nation and to the whole world. Like today, I have some message. This is not even Nigeria but a super nation. The name, 'Fort'. We should pray for that name. It may be the name of a big company in the whole world but it's a name. Pray for this name. It���s a parable because I'm seeing a strange person carrying something. But I said, “No, God, please”. We are praying for the whole world here and we keep praying for the whole world”.

On Thursday, November 5th 2009, a soldier carrying two handguns opened fire on fellow soldiers at the Fort Hood Army Base in Fort Hood, Texas, USA. 13 people were killed and 30 were wounded. Take note of the name – Fort. This was the name revealed by God Almighty to Prophet T.B. Joshua and pronounced by the man of God during the Sunday live service.

“This is not even Nigeria but a super nation.” The Fort Hood Army base is located in Fort Hood, Texas, USA – indeed a super nation, just as the man of God said.

“The name 'Fort'. We should pray for that name. It may be the name of a big company in the whole world but it's a name”. Fort Hood is the largest active duty armored post in the whole world and is the only post in the United States that is capable of supporting two full armored divisions.

It will be recalled that Prophet TB Joshua is renowned for predicting events that will happen in the future, accurately before they happen.

In the future, it is expected that people of the world will honour the words of God as spoken by his prophet and heed to the instructions so as to avoid such tragedy.

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