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Lagos bans unlawful use of siren

By The Citizen
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The Lagos State Government has banned the indiscriminate and unlawful use of siren in the state, saying anyone who contravenes the law would be prosecuted and jailed for three years.

The State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye, who revealed this in a statement obtained by our correspondent, said the government would prosecute anyone caught using sirens unlawfully in the metropolis.

He urged the general public, especially drivers and other road users in the state, to desist from using sirens to paint a picture of a polity in rancour.

The attorney-general said the use of siren and other noisy devises in vehicles were prohibited under the Lagos State Road Traffic Law.

According to him, the only exceptions allowed by the law were vehicles in use for emergency purposes, such as ambulances, fire engines and law enforcement vehicles on urgent call.

Ipaye added that apart from those listed, nobody is allowed to use siren or other noisy device in a vehicle within the territorial boundaries of the state, saying it is criminal.

The commissioner added that 'the use of siren and other noisy devices have caused unnecessary harassment to innocent road users and resulted in many instances of traffic congestion, avoidable motor accidents, damage to property and personal injury.'

He informed the road users in the state to note that under Section 24(c) of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law 2011, it is a criminal offence to use or deploy siren or other noisy device in a vehicle within the state.

'By virtue of Section 36(1) of the same law, convicted offenders may be fined up to N30, 000 and/or imprisoned for up to three years,' Ipaye said.

In addition to the above penalty, he added that offenders would be held responsible for damages or injuries caused by contravention, and the offending vehicle would also liable to be forfeited to the state by virtue of Section 36(2) of the law.

His words: 'Law enforcement officers have been directed to ensure full compliance with the Lagos State Road Traffic Law for the purpose of ensuring peace, safety and security of all residents and visitors on our roads.'

Ipaye, who lauded Lagosians for their continued partnership in making the state a model mega city, warned that anybody who contravenes any section of the law should be prepared to face the full ensuing wrath.