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New York Post and It's Philippic Style of Reportage Against President Jonathan


On Friday,27th June, 2014, Nigeria's President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,

wrote an article titled, “Goodluck Jonathan: Nothing is more important

than bringing home Nigeria's missing girls”, which was subsequently posted

on Washington post, inorder to clarify reasons for his silence on efforts

to rescue the girls, laying emphasises on the need to obliterate acts

capable of compromising on-going investigation.
The said article was greeted with mixed reactions on Social media sites

and within hours, it went viral. While critics and supporters of Mr

President were engaged in heated discourse, dissecting and analysing the

said article with so much scrutiny, “NEW YORK POST”  in its usual manner

decided, it was its responsibility to reply President Jonathan with a

Philippic and repugnant post titled, ” Newspaper Column Diplomacy” !!!.

New York's relevance seeking and penurious post went on to say, “When in

April the Islamist group Boko Haram abducted nearly 300 girls from their

school in northeast Nigeria, it com­manded global attention and sparked a

#BringBack­OurGirls movement.'But the girls are still missing. The

campaign seems to have moved from hashtag demands to news­paper column

diplomacy, it hypocritically noted.
It further wrote, ” Meanwhile, this week Boko Haram kidnapped an­other 90

Nigerian children and set off a massive bomb in the heart of the

nation capital. Apparently the government secret plan to get the

girls back which President Jonathan says he has to 'remain quiet

about†isnt much impressing them.
The depraved media site has contumeliously reproached every moved

President Goodluck Jonathan takes with so much disdain and cockyness, that

one wonders, if it's vituperative comments against Nigeria's President is

in a bid to up its already diminished reputation.
A very bias and primitive review by Newyork post, and am not surprised. Is

Newyork post claiming not to be in the know of Governments efforts towards

curbing this menace? Is Newyork post claiming ignorance of the fact that,

the continuous bombing and abduction of Nigerians in Nigeria started

immediately a Minority from the South-South geo-political zone, was freely

and fairly voted into the exalted seat of the Presidency? Why hasn't this

fact been highlighted by this paid propagandist, called Newyork post?

No responsible Govt discusses its strategy, when faced with terrorism on

the pages of newspapers or online portals,as that will be tantamount to

Governments plan on returning the abducted girls alive.

It is obvious that, the rise and continous menace unleashed on Nigerians

by Boko-haram terrorist, is politically motivated by those who have sworn

to make Nigeria ungovernable for president Jonathan and Newyork Post has

become a willing tool in spreading propaganda and biased reportage against

the present regime.
This same media site sometime ago, granted an interview to Nigeria's

former CBN Governor, now imposed Emir of Kano State, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,

after he was disgracefully ousted from office for corrupt practices, and

in its signature style, it spared no effort in branding Mr President as

corrupt  and lacking leadership style, without getting facts and showing

fairness by contacting the other side before going to print, which  is the

norm for responsible journalist or media houses.
No Nigerian media house engages in comments or acts capable of

discrediting the American Government with so much recklessness in the

manner Newyork post has done. It must be condemned by all patriotic

I have watched and read with abhorrence, the continuous derogatory remarks

of Newyork post on Our dear President Goodluck Jonathan,and I say enough

to this jiggery-pokery and codology style of blackmail by Newyork post

against President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Commander in Chief, Federal

Republic of Nigeria.
Written by, Blessing Oyanimigha, Special Assistant on Social Media to

Bayelsa State Governor.