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Soludo: I agree with Femi Falana


In the PUNCH of Monday November 2, 2009, Femi Falana while contributing to the national discourse on the situation with the banking industry insisted that

Professor Soludo should rather be in prison now than fighting to retain his 'domination' to seek the governorship seat of Anambra State by 2010.

In a country where anything goes and having the ruling PDP at the driver's seat, anything corruption sounds irrelevant to it. Double-standard, insincerity, and “kidnapping” of people's votes are also tools in its kitty. Femi Falana opined that Soludo confessed to have been a member of the PDP since 2006, meaning that while he was the CBN governor, he was a party man; and this is against one of the principles against any norm.

I add to what Femi Falana stand for: Soludo did compromise with the disgraced financial/banking institutions, as Sanusi said that rot in the banking sector could have been nipped in the bud more than a year ago. Soludo should be summoned to give his own account of the rot. This is the primary thing that he should face after which it should be determined whether he has some case to answer with EFCC. On the aspect of remaining on the seat of CBN governor and carrying party card, the INEC should see it as a point that should disqualify him as a candidate for the PDP in the Anambra gubernatorial elections February 2010.

On all the above, the masses wait to see what the outcome of this glaring dangerous scenario would finally come to be.

Sunday Isong
88 Kehinde Street,
Agbara, Ogun State

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