My Father Made The Awolowo Statue At Allen Roundabout—Sexy Steel

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nigerian singer and entrepreneur,Abbey Abuede aka Sexy Steel, has unveiled his flip side of life which he says people don't know about, but just sees him as a singer.

The singer disclosed that aside every other hustles, he is into barbing which he has been doing for ages and as such, won the American Latin Barbing Awards in 1993.

Steel explained that he started his barbing career in 1989 with the manual clipper before he started using blade and comb then the modern clipper.

"I am a barber, but people don't know because i don't do that in all saloon."

He added that if he was into music, acting and his clothing line 'Needle and Stitches,' he would have been a footballer and would have wished to play for arsenal Football club.

'The first person I barbed for while attempting to barb, was my cousin and I was so confident that I could do it well, but I never leant it from anybody and as such, I guaranteed him I was going to barb his hair well. But after everything, he cried because I spoilt his hair, but I never gave up.'

He disclosed that he was working on his own movie and urged his fans to watch out for the movie which will be out soon but did not disclose the title of the movie.

The artiste revealed that the Chief Awolowo statue at the Allen round-about in Ikeja, was made by his father.