Nasarawa 2015: Should We Trust Al-Makura With Power Again

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
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In politics, if you give your trust to a person who does not deserve it, you actually give him the power to destroy you, as the 2015 draw closer in Nasarawa State, we cannot longer trust the administration of Al-Makura anymore due to lack of adequate 'Stomachs Infrastructure and Infrastructural Development' in the State.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, the 'stomachs infrastructure' is all about the welfare of the people such as adequate employment opportunity, youths empowerment, scholarship and bursary to the Students at appropriates time, I could go on and on as they flood my mind, sadly, the government has not employed any youth since assumption of office in 2011, no youths empowerment, no bursary and scholarship for the students until the recent one yet to be paid below minimum wage in Nasarawa State but instead the Al-makura has succeeded in sacking over 12,000 (Twelve Thousand) youths from the State civil service, , embezzlement of N43.7 billion SURE-P funds, polarization of the Students association in the State for political gains and many more sin.

Governance is about all about people, one wonder why Al-Makura has found joy and happiness in starving and allowing the people to wallow in abject poverty, in facts the TALAKAWAS are dying of hungers in Nasarawa State, it should be noted that media propaganda cannot win election in Nasarawa State because it is everywhere in the news that Al-Makura has constructed kilometres of road in the capital city of Nasarawa State, if truly he did, who are those that will use the road after all people will died because of hungers or what? It is high time for people of Nasarawa State to come out en-masse for a peaceful protest against the anti-people policies of Al-Makura's government, if not, we would all died before the 2015 general election, God forbid, all of us will stay alive to vote him out of government house by the special grace of God.

It is an act of injustice for Al-Makura led government that has extorts money from the post graduate students in name of purchasing Scholarship form in the State without short listing their names after the screening, #AlmakuraBringBackOurPostGraduateMoney.

'From available record, 19,678 Students applied for the bursary while 18,762 were successful' , Sulaiman A. Sulaiman, The Executive Secretary, Nasarawa State Scholarship Board, 17th June, 2014.

From the above quoted statement, it is a very sad commentary that 916 Students are criminally missing out of the master list, if I may ask, are the 916 Students not qualified to enjoy the little amount of money that is below the minimum wage in Nasarawa State in the name of bursary or what? What are the criteria for the qualification of the bursary? These and many questions are begging for answers.

'The Governor equally agreed to relief the entire students by paying their union dues to the student union governing body, Nasarawa State Student Association (NASSA)', Sulaiman A. Sulaiman, The Executive Secretary, Nasarawa State Scholarship Board, 17th June, 2014.

It is on record that before Al-Makura came on board as the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, the National body and local chapters of NASSA are always paid their due through percentage but it is more worrisome that a constituted authority in Nasarawa State has succeeded in polarising the Students Association for their political and selfish interest to the extent of being ready to pay their loyalists Students money as dues, and it seems nobody is talking.

It is more news that Nasarawa State Students Association (NASSA) has been divided since before now, where we have NASSA that belong to the Government under Al-Makura and the one that belong to the genuine Students, I see the amount of money that will be deducted from the little bursary of the Students as a way of robbing 'Peter' to pay 'Paul', these single act may lead to serious crisis during the next payment of the State bursary, I also see the act as another way of the Executive Secretary and the SA Student to embezzled the legal money of our brothers and sisters in the higher institutions based on the facts that the bursary was one of the reason for tiring the Students body apart by the government. Our question goes; who are the Students going to pay the due to, Government officials or Students Association? Do we really have NASSA in existence, then why dues? We hope that after the collection, the ES and SA will account for the money? Which group of NASSA are they going to handover the money to, Nasiru Abdullahi of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria or the Government NASSA?

It is time for the government to have a rethink or their indecent decision might consumed them in no time, I was told by the incumbent National President of NASSA Nasiru Abdullahi that the Executive Secretary of the Scholarship Board, Sulaiman A. Suleiman refused him to attend a live TV programme on the Nasarawa Broadcasting Service (NBS) Tv Session after the young man was officially invited by Alh. Yusuf Musa, the General Manager of NBS because ES was afraid that Nasir Abdullahi might expose him to the general public (the fear of the unknown, lol).

I can see that those profiting from the polarization of NASSA and those reaping from the juice of office tell Al-Makura lies, sweet nothings, and may affirm that he was not at fault in the matter of the tiring apart Students Association in Nasarawa State, starvations, hungers, unemployment, lack of youths empowerment, unilateral decisions, sacking of over 12,000 youths across the State civil service, insecurity, lootings of public treasury and many more.

I now understand the frustration of the Nigerian youths in Nasarawa State, in facts I totally concur with their position on the anti-people policies of Al-Makura, If a young ladies and men that are looking up to me as their mentor could speaks so boldly and brightly on Social Media, is it me that will say otherwise? No! They are right, and I support them, and Al-Makura should not feel otherwise as our Governor.

Additionally, we hereby call on the C-In-C, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, The IGP MD Abubakar, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke, Amnesty International, NLC, TUC, NBA, Other Civil Society Organizations and other respected Nigerian Leaders to save us from our 'oppressor' called Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State.

With the actions and inactions of Governor Al-Makura on the welfare of the people of Nasarawa State is one of the simple reasons for the teeming Nigerian Youths in Nasarawa State not trust him with power again or 'Should We Trust Him With Power Again'? NO!

These Too Shall Pass, Nothing More, Nothing Less.
[Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, Is The National President, Nasarawa State Youths Network (NASTYNET), Writes From Lafia, Nasarawa State, @ik_dallah On Twitter, +2348035166981 (SMS Only)]

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