IPC decries bombings, mourns killed editor

By The Rainbow
IPC decries bombings, mourns killed editor
IPC decries bombings, mourns killed editor

The International Press Centre (IPC), Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday 26 June expressed concern over continuing bombing attacks in the country.

IPC said the recent blasts in Abuja and Kaduna showed that genuine commitment and more concerted efforts were required to check the menace.

Mr Lanre Arogundade, IPC Director, said “To do otherwise is to turn Nigeria into a complete jungle where living would be perpetually nasty and indeed very brutish.”

Arogundade noted that it was particularly disheartening that yet another journalist had been consumed by the ongoing violence with the death of Suleiman Bissala, Managing Editor (Northern Operations) of The New Telegraph Newspaper, during the blast that occurred in Abuja yesterday.

While commiserating with the management and staff of the organisation, he said it should serve as another wake-up call on the media to hold those who should be responsible for ending the violence accountable to the people in line with its constitutional responsibility.

“The media must now give voice to all and set in motion a popular national debate on collective actions that can be taken as it is un-acceptable for a few to be using acts of individual terrorism to hold the majority to ransom,” he stated.