Ken Saro-Wiwa's Agenda Accomplished

By MOSOP Media

Nearly 20 years after the murder of the great leader of the Ogoni people, Terr Ken Saro-Wiwa, the leadership under his closest associate, says his agenda for freedom has been duly implemented.

In a statement following a crucial meeting in Gure, the administer of the Ogoni Environmental Protection Agency (OGEPA), commended the MOSOP President/Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo for sticking out his neck to accomplish Saro-Wiwa's agenda.

The meeting was called to analyze, breakdown actions, and provide interpretation of progress made by Diigbo's leadership.

OGEPA administrator, Mr. John Lar-Wisa pointed at a three-step process accomplished By Diigbo, involving organizing the Ogoni Self-Government Referendum in 2009/2011; championing the Ogoni Self-Government Declaration of August 2, 2012, and inaugurating the Ogoni National Legislative Assembly on June 12, 2014.

Full Text:

On behalf of the Ogoni Environmental Protection Agency (OGEPA), the leadership of MOSOP and dedicated Ogoni freedom fighters at home and overseas countries, I heartily congratulate the elected leaders of the Ogoni National Legislative Assembly (ONLA), on the recent inauguration of the Assembly.

The inauguration fulfills the process of declaration of autonomy sought and enshrined in the Ogoni Bill of Rights (OBR). By massively participating in the three-step process:

1. The Ogoni Self-Government Referendum of 2009/2011;

2. The Ogoni Self-Government Declaration of August2, 2012, and

3. The Inauguration of Ogoni National Legislative Assembly,

the Ogoni poeple have demonstrated unbending determination to self-govern and end their enslavement and painful internal colonialism in Nigeria.

OGEPA commends the visionary leadership of MOSOP President/Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo for his fearless pursuit and completion of the foresighted agenda set by our great leader, Terr Ken Saro-Wiwa

OGEPA is very proud to stand on the right side of history with all right-thinking Ogoni in their determination to enforce the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) of September 13, 2007. For us, this has been a long, but remarkable journey.

Nothing compares to self-government. The time for the Ogoni people to fight each other and shed innocent blood for empty political gestures and corruptible positions is over. Ogonis can now stick together as a free people, and stop playing beggars and slaves.

John Lar-Wisa
Administrator, Ogoni Environmental Protection Agency [END].

Tambari Deekor
MOSOP Media Associate Editor
[email protected]