By NBF News

An Igbo cultural group, Olu N' Igbo Cultural Organisation has denounced allegations of high handedness and financial malfeasance being levelled against the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Vincent Ogbulafor.

In recent times, Ogbulafor had been taken to the cleaners by an organisation, the Integrity Group which had accused Ogbulafor of running the party like a sole administrator. The group had also expressed concern that Ogbulafor's style of leadership may undermine PDP fortunes in the coming 2011 election.

But reacting to the Integrity Group, national chairman of Olu NIgbo, Dr Alex Madufor Okafor, in a press statement, described the allegations against Ogbulafor as misplaced and uncalled for.

Madufor said in his release : We have carefully studied all the issues and the allegations raised by this group which chose facelessness and cover of darkness as its best operational platform. Ironically, the very fact that the group has been operating under a cover, using a fake address to trade its merchandise of mischief does not blur keen observations from identifying the cowards behind this act of ignominy. We dare this group to come to the open if they are convinced their devilish agenda is in the interest of the people of Nigeria and if they have enough facts to buttress their allegations. Only then shall Nigerians take them serious.''

'In spite of this , we wish to state with emphasis that we take serious exception to the deluge of wilful and unsubstantiated tissue of lies which this self-seeking organisation has been hauling against Prince Ogbulafor and the National Working Committee of the PDP. Their vile agenda is not hidden but the worth of their position is only as weighty as the nuisance value which its intentions and operational modalities have consigned it.'

Madufor commended Prince Ogbulafor and the members of PDP National Working Committee for successfully rebuilding the party into a people-oriented, democratic and idea-driven political party in just two years and his adherence to accountability and rule of law which has restored sanity and internal democracy to PDP .

The Olu N Igbo fingers those who have lost out in the Ogbulafor dispensation to restore sanity and discipline as behind the campaign of calumny against the present leadership at Wadata Plaza.

The group urged all PDP members and all Nigerians to rise and say no to this faceless group whose major interest is to hijack the PDP and return the only truly national party and a bulwark for the entrenchment of true democracy to another round of dictatorship.

'Prince Ogbulafor has acquitted himself in his stewar

dship as the national chairman of the ruling party. All he needs is the support of all party members to ensure that openness and level playing ground which he has instituted in the party is not jettisoned by Mamluks who want to return the party to the era of anything goes. Finally, we in Olu N' Igbo hereby pass a vote of confidence on Ogbulafor's leadership and urge Ndigbo not to allow the enemies of the people to succeed in their wicked design,' it noted.