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To: The Attention of
SEN. James Ebiowou Manager
Chairman, Senate Committee on Niger Delta
Senate Complex,
The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Abuja – Nigeria.
Sen. Nurudeen Abatemi Usman
Vice Chairman
Date: 9 th , June, 2014

Dear Sir,


In line with our previously held opinion and views regarding the coordination and management of the above programme in Greece; we would like to still use the same means (Open Letter) to draw the attention of the Chairman, Senate Committee Niger Delta, Sen., James Ebiowou Manager to the mismanagement, inhuman treatments, possible “Modern day Slavery”, harrassment of compatriots as well as racism attacks/ remarks by the management of the Attica Beach Hotel that was contracted to provide accommodations and feeding services to both Trainees and coordinators.

However, most notable in such unacceptable remarks are by Mr. Panagiotis, the manager/ owner of the Hotel where the Trainees are stationed, while some individual in our Mission in Athens, Greece has suddenly developed cold feet over continuous demand for relocation by the Trainees, whereby compelling them against their will.

As it is today, after weeks of petitions and peaceful protests by both the Trainees and their resident coordinators regarding the racism attack on them by the Manager/owner of the Attica Beach Hotel at the Sea Resort of Mati, by addressing them as, laughing like “BLACK MONKEY” which brought about the request to be relocated from the Hotel, both the academy and some individual at the Embassy has turn a deaf ear to their (Trainees) requests. Such individuals are walking behind closed doors to see that our compatriots remain in the same Hotel. This is unacceptable in such a time in our nation's history.

It can be recalled, on Sunday, October 20, 2013, on page 12 of the Guardian Newspaper, we used our open letter to draw the attention and at the same time requested for urgent action by the presidency and agencies in charge for intervention in order to help redirect the cause of the programme in Greece. Sooner afterward, both the JetStream Aviation Academy and the same individual at the Nigerian Embassy in Athens, Greece repeatedly denied our claims/warning about a substantial percentage (Four out of the sixteen ex-militants) of the Trainees at the academy that were yet to be enrolled into their programme courses.

Information now has it that, the four Trainees that were not enrolled in their programme courses (Aircraft Maintenance Engineers) are about to be transfered to another country in order to re-start the programme after Fifteen (15) months (March, 2013 to June, 2014) of not attending the programme here in Greece. This, we have considered as a Waste of time, Senseless administrative procedure and Financial recklessness on the first batch of Trainees in Greece.

Mr. Chairman, it worth you note that, monthly living upkeeps for each Trainee in order to live in today's Greek society cost about 2,500 Euro (#575,000.00 Naira) excluding Training fee, this will total the sum of 30,000 Euro (#6.9 Million Naira) annually per Trainee. Sir, we are of the view that there should be some form of accountability and responsibility for such financial recklessness by those involved if the Trainees' transfer is implemented.

The confiscation of these Four young men and others international passport by the programme coordinators never makes it easy for them to return voluntarily to Nigeria, this illegal confiscation of the passports was designed by those involved to silence the truth about treatments of Trainees, such we considered as “Modern day Slavery” in our effort to protect as well as fight for the right of less privileged amongst us, to this end, the Nigerian Embassy was informed but never acted on our tips rather it was pretended as a non understanding the fact of the matter.

Racism has no place in today's business world and political affairs, hence we would like to appeal on behalf of the Trainees whom are fellow compatriots, for the Senate Committee to draw the attention of Mr. President to direct both the Amnesty office and the Nigeria Embassy in Athens through Her Ministry of Foreign Affairs to immediately relocate these young men and women from a Den of Racists pretending to be a Hotel before they will come under further attacks by a racist business owner.

Be as it may, as the first batch of the programme in Greece come to conclusion in their pilots' training courses, the assessments and information available is that, the academy in question lacks necessaries aviation technology and human resources for the Nigerian Trainees to gain adequate knowledge of the aviation sector. The question here is, why has the Amnesty office refused to access and evaluate the Academy capacity now and before sending would be pilots for training at the JetStream Aviation Academy in Athens Greece?

There are other allegations concerning financial misdeed/misconduct by the JetStream Aviation Academy over payment of Trainees' allowance. In line with the Amnesty programme implementation, a bank account was opened by the Embassy upon the request of the programme coordinators with the National Bank of Greece for the purpose of Trainees allowance's payment but this account was abandoned without reason of whatsoever and JetStream Aviation Academy whose mandates was to train our compatriots becomes the one empowered for the payment of allowance whereby the cash met for payment will have to go to the UAE first before coming to Academy in Greece. This the Trainees can attest to.

As Concerned Niger Delta Citizens resident in Greece, we strongly believe that some individual at the Nigerian Embassy has full knowledge of the situation and should have acted on time but opposite was the case in having the situation checked. Failure by government agencies in charge of the programme in taking hard-line/ tougher stands against racists attacks on our citizens so far, shows the dangers our compatriots are been exposed to in a foreign land.

Honorable Chairman, if we fail to act now, the agencies and our government will put the life of million of Nigerians and others in danger as these young men and women will one day be in total control of an aircraft cock-pit in the Nigeria airspace or otherwise.

We are of the same beliefs that it's never too late right now to salvage the situation and potential dangers for the future of our people on the Amnesty programme around the globe.

At this junction, we would like to also plead with your honor as always to use your good office to discourage Modern day Slavery practices in the midst of our society because we are in no doubt with your service to our nation. We have fate in you using your outstanding office to protect and promote our citizens.

Thanking you for your time, kindly accept our esteem assurance to work with our communities for the interest of our great nation.

Signed by:

NO. 16, Aristomenous Street, 104 40 Athens Greece

Tel.: +30-211-725-1435; Mob: +30-694-889-7163 Email: [email protected] ; website: