Confab May Remove Immunity clause from constitution

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Delegates at the ongoing National Conference on Thursday voted to  remove the contentious  immunity clause from the nation's constitution.

According to the conference delegates, the removal of immunity clause should not only apply to criminal charges as earlier recommended by the Conference Committee on Economy, Trade and Investment, but on all cases.

The Deputy Chairman , Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi, had read out the recommendation from the committee's report but was informed by some of the delegates that a similar recommendation had earlier been made.

However after searching for the said proposal supposedly made earlier, it was discovered that, it was not considered.

Akinyemi therefore called on the delegates to vote on the matter, to determine whether the said amendment should be passed.

The original committee proposal reads, “The immunity clause should be removed if the offences attract criminal charges to encourage accountability by those managing the economy.”

But it was amended to indicate that it should not be restricted to criminal charges but to all charges.