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12 Fascinating Facts About Cockroach!

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1)A cockroach can live for a week without its head.Due to their open circulatory system and the fact that they breath through little holes on parts of their body segments,they are not dependent on their mouth or nose to breath.they only die because without the mouth,they cant drink water and die of thirst.

2)The cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes and can even survive being surmerged under water for half an hour.They hold their breath often to help regulate their water loss.

3)Cockroach Can run up to 3 miles per hour,which means they can spread germs and bactaria through out the house very quickly.

4)New born german cockroaches become adults in as little as 36 days.the german cockroaches is the most common that has been implicated in the outbreak of illness and allergic reactions in many people.

5)A one day old baby cockroach which is about the size of a spec of dust can run almost as fast as its parents.

6)The American cockroach has shown a marked attraction for alcoholic beverages especially bear,they are most likely attracted to the alcohol mixed with hops and sugar.

7)The world's largest roach which lives in south America is six inches long with a one-foot wingspan.

8.)Cockroaches are believed to have originated over 280 million years ago.

9)There are more than four thousand species of cockroaches worldwide.

10)Because they are cold blooded insects..cockroach can live without food for one month but will only survive a week without water.

11)Cockroach can eat about anything,they are scavengers..while most roaches prefer sweets given a choice.they can eat glue,soaps,grease,paper,paste or even hair.

12)The fear of cockroach is called kasaridaphobia and its present in most females,A german woman had an accident while driving her car because she saw a cockroach on the next seat,but luckily for wasns't fatal but she sustained injuries and damaged her car.and another case in a high school in florida where seven girls ran out of their bathroom Unclad because they heard someone scream cockroach but it was an april fool's prank.

The facts prove that cockroaches are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth which makes controlling and eliminating an infestation of cockroach more difficult.To get rid of cockroaches in your home experts suggest keeping food sealed and stored properly,particularly in the kitchen which should be cleaned daily to prevent crumbs and trash from building workers should seek out and seal all cracked holes in homes,including entry points for utility pipes,as these can serve as entrance for addition,basements and crawl spaces should be kept well ventilated and dry.

If there happen to be a cockroach infestation in your house,find a pest control in your area.